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“My thyroid level was really high and 9Health Fair tried, but couldn’t reach me by phone. So, through their follow up process, 9Health Fair expedited my results to my house and included a cover letter saying that I had to seek immediate medical attention. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated their persistence in tracking me down.”

Theresa H.
9Health Fair participant since 1998

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"I’m proud to be part of the foundation that brought 9Health Fair to Colorado communities. It gives me a great sense of purpose, particularly in the rural communities. I’m the lucky one. I get back far more than I give."

Karen Zink, Durango CO
9Health Fair volunteer since 1980

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April 2012 9Health Fair Topic of the Month

9Health Topic of the Month for April 2012:

Thyroid &
9Health Fair Season

April is 9Health Fair month with our traditional "9Days" being April 21st through April 29th! 9Health Fair is Colorado's largest volunteer-driven, non-profit health fair and education program. Last year alone, 83,980 participated in 9Health Fair and 19,000 volunteers donated $3.1 million worth of time and talent to make the 150-plus fairs possible.

Find a Fair based upon screenings offered, date and location, and take advantage of online registration, (available at most sites). Continue checking the website after the 9 days in April, as fairs are held through mid-May.

9Health Fair has over 20 free screenings from which to choose, and a number of low-cost screenings as well, including baseline information on thyroid (part of the low-cost Blood Chemistry Screening). The role of the thyroid is to stimulate metabolism and, along with the parathryroid glands, control the body's circulating calcium levels. Proper functionality of the thyroid is important as it can affect your mood, your weight and your overall health. Do you know the signs of thyroid problems? Share with us on Facebook. And make sure to attend a 9Health Fairs this spring for a variety of health screenings, including baseline thryroid.

9Health Fair provides an opportunity for access to health. Getting the care you need, when you need it, isn't too much to ask. Everyone should be able to get quality care in order to stay healthy without barriers like lack of insurance. Your voice matters, because decisions about your health and health care are too important to be left solely to others. We want to know how you want health care to work for you and your family. Join the health care conversation.


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