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“My wife and I have been going to [the] 9Health Fair for many years in several different towns in Colorado, so it plays a big part in our lives. In April of 2003, we went again to have our annual blood screening but this time mine came back a little different. My PSA number came in a little high with a suggestion to make an appointment with my doctor. With further evaluation I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I had no previous symptoms. I was given several options but at my age of 51, surgery was the best for me. As you can see 9Health Fair saved my life. My family and I are so grateful for the services available to all of our communities. 9Health Fair is great and I am looking forward to many more 9fairs.”

Greg Y.
9Health Fair participant since 2003

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"My mom and I went to the 2006 9Health Fair at Aims Community College in Greeley, CO. I hadn't been feeling well so my sister-in-law urged me to go.We went on a Sunday, and that Tuesday I got a call from a nurse who informed me that my thyroid level was less than .01 and that I needed to contact my doctor. I did so right away and had further tests run. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and through additional tests, learned that I was suffering from Graves’s disease. Had I not gone to the 9Health Fair, I believe I still would have been seeking help. I am feeling so much better and on the way to recovery. Thank you 9Health Fair staff and volunteers!!!"

Terri Thomas, Loveland CO
9Health Fair participant

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Sleep Disorders

9Health Topic of the Month for December 2011:

Sleep Disorders

At some point in time, most of us have experienced trouble falling or staying asleep and then feeling fatigued the next day. However, when sleep problems start occurring on a more regular basis, it is most likely considered a sleep disorder. Poor quality sleep not only makes you tired the next day, it can have a negative impact on your energy, emotional balance, productivity and health. Statistics show that over time, many Americans suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and obesity. It has also been found that people can develop sleeping problems from other health issues such as emphysema and obesity. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep problems and disorders affect 70 million Americans. West Virginia is where people are really staying awake, according to the first government study to monitor state-by-state differences in sleeplessness. Nearly 1 in 5 West Virginians said they didn't get a single good night's sleep in the previous month. The national average was about 1 in 10, according to the federal health survey conducted last year.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the most common sleep disorder affecting approximately 18 million Americans. There are also many other problems getting in the way of a restful night’s sleep such as snoring, insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep deprivation, and restless legs, to name some of the conditions.

Learn about the common types of sleep disorders, their symptoms, and what you should know:

Many people who suffer from sleeplessness rely on sleep aids. Find out why you should think twice before taking any of them:

Sleep Disorder Connections:


Sleep Tips:

Sleep Apnea: Understand and learn about this most common, but dangerous disorder:

Local Resources:

You may suffer from a sleeping disorder if you answer "Yes" to any of the following questions:

  • Are you often fighting to stay awake?
  • Do you wake up frequently at night and have difficulty going back to sleep?
  • Do you always feel sleepy during the day, even after a full night's sleep?
  • Do you snore loudly?
  • Do you talk or walk in your sleep?
  • Do you kick or jerk your arms or legs during sleep?
  • Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air?
  • Do you ever wake up in the morning with a headache?
  • Does it generally take you more than a half-hour to fall asleep?
  • When falling asleep or waking, do you ever feel unable to move or have vivid halluncinations?

Visit your healthcare provider to discuss your concerns. Getting the care and information you need, when you need it, is important. Making sure everyone has access to health is critical, and working together, we can move Colorado closer to that common-sense goal. Tell us how you want health care to work for you. Join the conversation and share with us on Facebook

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