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"My mom and I went to the 2006 9Health Fair at Aims Community College in Greeley, CO. I hadn't been feeling well so my sister-in-law urged me to go.We went on a Sunday, and that Tuesday I got a call from a nurse who informed me that my thyroid level was less than .01 and that I needed to contact my doctor. I did so right away and had further tests run. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and through additional tests, learned that I was suffering from Graves’s disease. Had I not gone to the 9Health Fair, I believe I still would have been seeking help. I am feeling so much better and on the way to recovery. Thank you 9Health Fair staff and volunteers!!!"

Terri Thomas, Loveland CO
9Health Fair participant

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“My wife and I have been going to [the] 9Health Fair for many years in several different towns in Colorado, so it plays a big part in our lives. In April of 2003, we went again to have our annual blood screening but this time mine came back a little different. My PSA number came in a little high with a suggestion to make an appointment with my doctor. With further evaluation I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I had no previous symptoms. I was given several options but at my age of 51, surgery was the best for me. As you can see 9Health Fair saved my life. My family and I are so grateful for the services available to all of our communities. 9Health Fair is great and I am looking forward to many more 9fairs.”

Greg Y.
9Health Fair participant since 2003

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9Health Topic of the Month for September 2012:

Bullying and Children's Mental Health


Bullying. What does the word make you or your child think of? For some, it may be the kid at school who always makes fun of them. For others, it's the neighborhood child who always tries to take things from them. Sometimes it may be a whole group of kids picking on the smallest person. No matter what the situation, bullying is hurtful, it can make people feel alone and even depressed. Bullying happens everywhere and with every age group, especially school aged children. It has been a long time problem, but it is not a phase children have to go through, it is not "just messing around", and it is not something to grow out of. According to Education.com, the physical and emotional consequences of being a victim of bullying can be severe and life lasting.

Bullying can take many forms including verbal, physical, social and cyber. What these four types have in common is that they all can make another person feel hurt, afraid or uncomfortable, and can affect their mental health. The best way to deal with a bully is to report it to an adult, especially if your child feels physically threatened.

Children's Hospital Colorado provides great tips for parents about the signs of bullying and what you, as a parent, might do to help prevent problems. Dr. Natalie Abramson, pediatric psychologist at Children's talks about signs of bullying and tips for parents in this video.



Dr. Abramson also provides tips for parents in this video: Is Your Child a Bully?



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