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Why Preventive Screenings?

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Health is in your Hands – 9Health can help

Now more than ever, our health is in our own hands. But you are not alone – 9Health, your community non-profit organization, is here to support you in your health journey.

For nearly 40 years, 9Health has brought communities together to provide preventive health education and the most comprehensive screenings at 9Health Fairs across the state.

Today, you can count on inspiration, education and virtual tools to support your health positive intention all year long. Check out the Facebook Live Series Health Happens that brings you local experts on health topics you care about and 9Health eTools offering evidence-based virtual prevention tools to empower you to Own Your Health. 9Health offers the same great health fairs we always have, plus so much more!

What to Expect?


We want to make sure your visit to 9Health Fair is pleasant, useful and efficient. That’s why we engage medical professionals as volunteers and use the same lab – Quest Diagnostics – as most medical offices.

You have the option to choose which health screenings you want – with no fasting required – and your results will be available in as little as two weeks!

Health Happens

Join us every Tuesday at 11 a.m. over on Facebook for our weekly Facebook Live show Health Happens.

We’re on a quest this year to find out where health happens because it happens everywhere, to all of us, whether we choose it or not. Good things happen, bad things happen. Everybody experiences health in different ways and in different places. That’s what this show is about – inspiring health and educating consumers.

*Show times are subject to change. Check Facebook for the latest times.

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If your life was impacted in a positive way at a 9Health Fair, we’d love to hear about it!

Share My Story

"Seven months after my father passed away from a heart attack, I went to 9Health Fair. My blood screening results indicated that my cholesterol levels were high. Since then, I've made important changes in my life..."

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"My wife and I have been going to 9Health Fair for many years in several different towns in Colorado, so it plays a big part in our lives..."

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"I’m proud to be part of the foundation that brought 9Health Fair to Colorado communities...”

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