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If you’re interested in joining an organization where you can put your passion for helping people to work, 9Health Fair is the place for you. We’re always trying to find motivated and dedicated people who want to help raise awareness for health and find efficient ways of providing the most-cost effective screenings to the community. If you’d like to work for 9Health Fair, check back here frequently to see what positions are available.

Marketing Communications Coordinator


Strategic Sales Lead


Community Relations Liaison


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9Health Fair offers a generous benefits package including 401(k), health, dental, and vision.

We recognize and appreciate the benefits of diversity in the workplace. People who share this belief or reflect a diverse background are encouraged to apply.

Fun Fact!

23% of our current staff started off here as volunteers.

If you don’t see a position you’re interested in, maybe you would be interested in volunteering? Check out the variety of volunteer positions available here.

Who We Are

Whether you’re pursuing a healthier lifestyle, taking advantage of the affordable screenings or raising your health-related awareness, attending a 9Health Fair offers many benefits for attendees. We empower participants to become informed and make smart, health-related decisions for the future. 9Health Fairs provide the most vital information about your body so you and your physician can ensure you stay on the road of good health.

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One Example of Why Working at 9Health is So Rewarding

“I attended my first ever 9Health Fair this past weekend, because my health insurance doesn’t cover even the most basic of health screenings. As happens to me on occasion, during my blood draw, I got light headed and broke out in the dreaded full-body sweat.

The phlebotomist keep asking me if I was okay and assuring me it was almost over and I was doing great. As soon as the blood draw was complete, a very kind attendant was at my side. Asking how I felt, providing me OJ and cookies. Then, the volunteer doctor approached and escorted me over to a cot to lay down. Apparently, I was very pale and they were on alert to see to my health. The doctor took my blood pressure and then had me lie down for 10 minutes. The concern for my health and kindness I felt that day, surpass any recent experience I have had at a doctors office. I couldn’t have been more impressed with the quality of care I received. Then, today I receive a call from a nurse checking on me!! I seriously couldn’t believe it, I was so impressed and that is what promoted me to write this testimonial. Denver is very lucky to have such a community resource as 9Health Fair and I’m thankful I live in such a community. I thank all the staff and volunteers for their time and for the kindness, compassion and caring you show your neighbors, including me!” Ashley S., 9Health Fair Participant