Electrolyte Imbalance: A Matter of Equilibrium

Feeling thirsty isn’t the only symptom telling you your body needs hydration. An electrolyte imbalance will wreck havoc on your equilibrium. Some of the most common and easily treated electrolyte imbalances are the result of fluid volume deficit or excesses, leading a person to experience a disturbance in body fluid homeostasis. Nurse.com has important information […]

What’s Your Knowledge of Digestive Health?

Did you know that the surface area of your gastrointestinal tract (GI) is estimated to be the size of a football field? It is also a significant part of your immune system, helping to protect organs and organ lining from foreign particles. However, sometimes your immunity becomes overprotective and fights anything that comes in contact […]

What is Your Plan of Action?

Have you received your 9Health Fair results and now have a plan of action to improve one or more of your numbers? Or do you have questions about how to read your results? For answers to important questions, visit the 9Health Topic of the Month page, and to learn more about your numbers, contact your […]

Did You Know That Teens are at Risk Too?

The number of U.S. teenagers at risk for heart attacks and stroke has risen dramatically over the past decade. According to a study done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than half of all the overweight and obese teenagers in the study had at least one other cardiovascular risk factor, like high […]