Do You Know Your Numbers?

We’ve all heard of HDL, LDL, Triglycerides and Total Cholesterol Levels. But what does all that mean and how important are your levels? Cholesterol itself isn’t bad; it is actually a waxy, fat-like substance your body needs, but when you have too much in your blood, it can build up on the walls of your […]

Stress Linked to Prostate Cancer

Stress Management for Prostate Cancer The problem with stress is that we are no longer being chased by ferocious lions on the African plain. Stress can be beneficial when it stimulates the fight or flight response and allows you to outwit a predator, but not so much in everyday life. Stress can affect your body […]

Sitting Less Could Extend Your Life

How much do you think a sedentary lifestyle will affect your overall health? Accordingto new research, if most people spent less than three hours a day sitting, it would add two years to the average life expectancy in this country. In addition, if they cut the time they spent on the couch watching TV to […]

Is Your Child’s Vision Clear?

August is here which means it’s time for most children to head back to school. It is also Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, so along with back to school shopping, make sure to have your child’s eyes checked. Healthy eyes and vision are critical to a child’s development and should be examined regularly.  Find […]

Prostate Cancer Risk Increases with Age

Are you or a loved one male and over 50? Certain conditions increase for men who are 50 and over. Prostate cancer is one of them. According to the American Cancer Society, the risk is even higher for men ages 65 and older, with the most frequent cases being in African-Americans, followed by Caucasians, Hispanics and […]

Is Your Blood Glucose Level Within a Healthy Range?

Have you checked your blood sugar level lately? Sometimes we miss the hidden signs and think we are just tired. It is better to get tested if you think you have been more tired than usual. Sometimes our sugar level can drop below the normal value leading to hypoglycemia or rise too high leading to […]

Keep Grilling Safe and Delicious

It’s the peak of summer, and barbecues are in full force. Whether you have a gas grill or a charcoal grill, following a few simple tips will help you avoid grilling injuries. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has important barbecue safety tips to make things healthier, and tastier, all at the same time. What […]