Your 9Health Fair Results

There is a vast amount of information that can be learned about your health from your 9Health Fair results, even if your values are all within range. The numbers are a good indication of what you are doing right and what you may need to improve upon a bit. Taking your results to your health […]

9Health Fair Celebrations

Like one of those occasions when you unwrap and open a chocolate from a chocolate box, to discover a texture and a flavor you’ve neither seen nor tried before. It could be anything: a new person, a new job, friendships, a piece of clothing or a place. In Ruth’s case it was a health fair; […]

Out and About in Denver

Denver has a summer packed full of free things to do and see, from fun festivals and outdoor movies to theater, music and art. Your calendar will be packed! Festivals are all over town throughout July and August, including the long running Cherry Creek Arts Festival that runs from July 5 through the 7th. All […]

Out and About in Denver

Denver is home to some amazing acres of green and asphalt that collectively form the parks that residents frequent on a regular basis. Our city’s parks are perfect for special outings, dog walking, exercise, sports, skating, rollerblading and more. Some parks are specifically designated for use by children, seniors, dogs/dog walkers and sporting events. There […]

Nine Great Places to do Outdoor Yoga in Colorado

Yogo is a great way to get exercise and loosen up your limbs. You will find yoga classes being offered in many different parks this summer, where you will be able to enjoy the beauty around you while working up a sweat. The combination of a wonderful setting and the brisk flow of the yoga […]

Over Heating is Extremely Harmful

We create a great deal of body heat in which we are able to process through sweat and radiate through our skin. However, sometimes, our bodies can’t regulate heat, our natural cooling system begins to fail, and the internal heat builds up to dangerous levels. The result may be heat cramps, heat exhaustion or heatstroke. has […]

Common Poison Dangers

Poisons don’t just affect children who get into the cleaning cabinet. Although children younger than six accounted for about half of all the poison exposure calls to the American Poison Control Center in 2010, adults accounted for 92 percent of all poison-related deaths. Do you know what the common and dangerous poisons are for children and adults? […]