All Thanks to One Small Choice

Julia, a CPA by trade, had no idea where her gallbladder was in her body (like most of us), nor what the small pear-shaped organ’s function was. But, every spring, Julia makes a point to attend a 9Health Fair because she says it is an inexpensive way to check up on her health.  Monday morning […]

Dehydration Myths

You know H2O is the way to go. There are numerous benefits of staying hydrated – mainly it improves your quality of life and keeps you healthy especially when you are playing outside. Keeping hydrated helps you maintain your body fluid levels, keep your energy levels up and keep you having a great time outdoors.

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(This guest post is authored by Kate Jerman of Get Outdoors Colorado) Coloradoans are excited to be outside all-year round, but this is especially true in the summer. Whether you are climbing a fourteener, paddling on the lake, hiking the local trail, or simply on a picnic at the park, it is important to know your hydration […]