The Angels Watched Over Him

John is one of those people… friendly, outgoing and interested in keeping his health on the up and up. He had always taken pride in feeling pretty good and staying active. However, now at the age of 62, he started experiencing some numbness in his feet. A new resident of Longmont, he had never heard […]

All Aboard the Santa Express!

For many families, part of the joy of the holiday season is experiencing the magic of Santa Claus. There is no better way to do that than by hopping on board The Santa Express to the North Pole. From now until December 27th, children and adults can relax on this winter wonderland excursion wearing your […]

Take on a Wellness Challenge BEFORE the New Year!

·         Cognitive Wellness: Reading a book, reading an article about health, playing an educational game or learning an instrument.
·         Emotional Wellness: Take some time to reflect, create positive affirmations, have a good laugh or do something calming like yoga.
·         Nutritional Wellness: Eating extra fruits and veggies, and drinking lots of water.
·         Physical Wellness: Going for a neighborhood walk during lunch,
·         Social Wellness: Enjoying the interaction with other people such as volunteering, supporting a friend, or even a holiday party
Perhaps this might spark some ideas for you, or better yet, join in and take the challenge with us. Although, we are sorry to say, we can’t offer the day after Christmas off for you at your company, but join along and see how healthy you can stay during this holiday season!
Continue your healthy ways into the New Year in preparation for the spring 9Health Fair season!  That will be a terrific time to see how your health improvements have paid off, and compare your numbers to last year’s results.  Check out our websiteon February 1st to find out our spring 2015 fair dates and locations.

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