3 Tips for People Who Want to Be Happier

An article by The Atlantic basically states that the smarter you are, the less likely it is that you’re happy. Sounds surprising, doesn’t it? You can read the article and why that may be here, but for this post, we want to focus on the positive. If you’re one of those intelligent people who wants more happiness, what can you do about it?

Finding Happiness

  1. Just Ask TED

If you’re one of the many people who enjoys listening to TED Talks, you can find a variety of them on happiness on Inc.  One that really stands out on this page is quite simple – stop chasing. That means stop chasing after success, money, fame, etc.…

Chances are, if you love the work you do, no matter the pay, you’ll be happy. And really, if you’re going to spend 40 hours a week doing something, shouldn’t it be something you love? Not to mention that you likely spend far more time at work than with family or friends.

  1. Science Says…

According to the Mayo Clinic, science tells us the biggest factor determining happiness is our personality.  You may think, well, I am who I am. But the Mayo Clinic says that thoughts and behaviors can be changed.

Basically, you have to practice being happy. How do you do that? Well, one way is to surround yourself with happy people. After all, it’s infectious!

  1. Spend Money on Experiences, Not Things

This last one comes to us from Forbes. In a world filled with marketing about all the things we should buy, it’s our experiences that make us happy.

Think about it. Do you ever go on vacation and then say to yourself, “I really regret going on this vacation?” Probably not. But how often have you bought something you thought would make you happy, only later regret that purchase? Life is all about experiences, because the memory of those experiences makes us happy for years to come.

4 Experiences That Aren’t Going to Cost You a Lot of Money

You don’t have to travel to get your experience. There are a lot of wonderful things you can experience right here in Denver, such as the following:

Meet a Children’s Illustrator

Here’s a great one if you have young kids. Take them to meet a Children’s Book Illustrator at the Denver Public Library. Illustrator Christian Robinson will not only talk about his books but also lead a cut-out paper art workshop for the family.

Experience Art

Check out the McNichols Exhibitions in the Civic Center Building. There will be two exhibitions on display. One explores the concept of change. The other is a part of the international Picture Me Here program which highlights experiences of refugees and immigrants.

Take a Walking Audio Tour

This one meets two of the above criteria for happiness – exercise and experience. Talk about a win-win! One audio tour is geared for those who want to learn about Denver’s rich history while admiring its beautiful architecture. There’s also another Audio Tour of Denver’s LGBT Community that will guide you through various landmarks in Capitol Hill and along Colfax Avenue.

Watch a Powwow

The Denver March Powwow takes place for one weekend every year at the Denver Coliseum. You’ll get to watch a variety of moving dances that have been passed down from generation to generation. There will also be storytelling!