3 Ways to Create Healthy Exercise Habits

june 14It seems that many of us have our excuses for not making a habit ofexercise. We’ve got too much going on, we need to put our families first, we need to put our careers first, etc. Well, none of that is going to matter if your health is too poor for you to do anything or take care of anyone. You have to put yourself first, and a huge part of that is developing healthy exercise habits. Here are three ways for you to do that.

Healthy Exercise Habits

  1. Wake Up Earlier. I hear your groan, but if you want to fit more exercise into your day (and you should) then you need to get up earlier. That also means you might want to start going to bed earlier. There’s nothing wrong with that! Health magazine recommends you lay out all your exercise gear before going to bed, that includes workout clothes and your gear (be it yoga mat or running shoes). Don’t snooze. Just get up and get going. It might be hard at first, but probably after a few days, it’ll get easier and eventually you’ll be waking up on your own just as the alarm is going off.
  2. Set a Goal. Active recommends you set a goal, but remember, make sure it’s reasonable. If your long-term goal is to drop 30 pounds, you can have several short-term goals along the way. Maybe your short term goal is 10 pounds. Every time you reach that short-term goal, you know you’re on track for your long-term goal. That should help keep you motivated.
  3. Have a Deadline. Zen Habits suggests that once you have your goal, you have a deadline to reach it. As you’re making progress you’ll also see the end in sight. Zen Habits recommends you write your goal and deadline down and set it somewhere you’ll see several times throughout the day. Maybe your deadline is a wedding you’re attending, a high school reunion or a holiday party. Whatever it is, having a deadline and monitoring your progress can help you keep on track.

As you work towards creating healthy exercise habits for yourself you may find areas you struggle with. That’s okay. If you do, head over to 9Health Ready and check in with our fitness expert Jamie Atlas. There, you can email him your questions and concerns and he can give you advice and tips to help you continue making daily exercise a habit. When we asked him how he helps people stay motivated he said, “Large circus animals. Just kidding. I like to get into the reason of why someone is here in the first place. What does the change mean to them? To their friends and/or family? What will they do differently this time around so they don’t fail like last time? The more I know about what is important to them, the more I have to help keep them on track when they need a spot of motivation.”

So, what does this mean for you? Share that information with your friends and family so they can help keep you motivated and not get in the way of your ability to develop healthy exercise habits.