40 Years of Health Fairs and Volunteers

The 9Health Fair is turning 40 in 2019 and in those 40 years, thousands of people have come to the fair for help and guidance to lead healthier lives.

None of the work we do at 9Health would be possible without 9Health Fair volunteers. The volunteers are the driving force that ensures Coloradans are getting the vital health information they need to become more aware of, and responsible for, their health – which in turn saves lives. 9Health Fair volunteers are life savers.

Something many people might not know, 9Health staff do not run the fairs, the volunteers do. 9Health is the largest volunteer-driven, non-profit health and education program in the US. With over 100 fair sites, each one has a strong volunteer team that carries out every aspect of their location, with guidance from 9Health staff. Based on the community’s needs and wants, site coordinators decide which screenings to offer, the most effective marketing strategies to get the word out, and how the overall fair will run.

One of the longest-running 9Health Fair sites is in Mancos, Colorado. The 9Health Fair started there in 1981 by Lion’s Club member, Jim Holston. His daughter, Queenie Holston-Barz, is the mayor of Mancos and continues to volunteer for the 9Health Fair every year.

She says her father helped with the fair right up until he passed away in 2004, the year the fair in Mancos was dedicated to him, “This was very, very important to him, even in his last years. He wanted to make sure everyone got involved.”

There are volunteer roles for everyone and you don’t have to have any medical experience for some positions.

Volunteer roles include:
  • Medical Volunteers
  • Non-Medical Volunteers
  • Site Coordinators
  • Local Publicity Coordinators
  • District Team Leaders
  • Group Volunteers
  • Interpreters
  • Medical Office Volunteers
  • Hotline Volunteers
  • Special Events Volunteers
  • Year-Round Volunteers

Regardless of your skill set or experience level, we have a volunteer opportunity for you.
Call (303) 698-4455, or email [email protected], to discuss your future involvement with 9Health Fair. Click here to sign up to volunteer!