6 Places to Escape the Holiday Chaos

places to visit in Colorado
Southwest Airlines Ice Skating Rink. Photos by Evan Semón.

The start of the holiday season is here. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you may start to notice that everyone on Facebook is sharing what they’re thankful for – if you’re just not feeling it this year… that’s okay! We all know how stressful the holidays can be. Between cooking the turkey and baking the pies and all that travel (and all the family?), maybe you need a break from it all. Here are 6 non-holiday related places that you can escape to if you need a little time away from it all.

  1. Southwest Rink at Skyline Park

Maybe initially you think of ice skating as a holiday activity, but really it’s just a winter activity. If you need to get away, strap on a pair of ice skates and channel your inner child. As you skate around the rink, it’s a great chance to take in our beautiful downtown area and simply enjoy the movement. The rink is supposed to open on November 22nd, but of course, this depends on the weather.

  1. Film Series at Denver Botanic Gardens

On November 15th, the Chipotle Sustainable Food Series will be showing its final film – Eating Alabama. It’s about a young couple that moves back to Alabama on a quest to eat only local, seasonal food as their grandparents did. However, they come to the realization that a lot has changed with food since their grandparent’s days.

  1. Free Day at the Zoo

November 17th is a free day at the Denver Zoo. If you’re finding yourself stressed and wanting to get away from it all there’s nothing like a nice stroll around the zoo. Just a few fun facts for you about animals from Business Insider in case you need more reasons for why this will make you happy:

  • Most penguins only have one mate for life.
  • Otters have a pocket in their skin. They hide their favorite rock in it.
  • If a squirrel finds an abandoned baby, they’ll take it in and raise it as their own.
  1. Museum of Contemporary Art
  2. Clifford Still Museum – November 19th is its 5th Anniversary and will be free that day!
  3. Georgia Amar’s Habitat Gallery & Studio

Yes, these last three are all different art museums, but usually, when we want to escape we’re looking for some peace and quiet. Plus, all three of these museums are very different from each other.

So, if you find yourself getting stressed and needing a break – take one! Maybe you go alone or maybe you meet up with some friends who are also looking to escape. Either way, a little break from the holidays can go a long way toward making them more enjoyable.