6 Tips for Exercising Out in the Cold

tips for exercising in the coldNo matter what time of year it is, we all need to be exercising. With that in mind, not all of us can afford to spend money on gym memberships or fancy equipment to keep in our house. In addition, getting outside and in the sun is still extremely important during winter months. If you are one of the thousands of Coloradans who continue to exercise outdoors in the winter, this blog post is for you! Each tip also includes a fun outdoor activity suggestion.

  1. Take advantage of the snow
    There are a lot of outdoor activities that you can only do in the snow. Maybe you like to ski or enjoy sledding with your family. Either way you can’t go wrong. Seize the moment and focus on those activities that you can’t do without snow.
    Suggested Outdoor Activity: Snowshoeing! If there isn’t snow in the metro area, there surely is some up in the mountains.
  2. Wear a hat
    Live Science reports you lose anywhere from 7 – 10 percent of your body heat through your head. In the winter, you want to keep as much body heat as possible!
    Suggested Outdoor Activity: Sledding! Grab your sled, a thermos full of hot chocolate and head up to the foothills for a couple of hours of fun in the snow!
  3. Layer up
    Muscle and Fitness Magazine recommends wearing compression layers when exercising outdoors. Then wear loose fitting athletic wear over that. Make sure your hands, feet and head stay dry.
    Suggested Outdoor Activity: Ice skating! The rink downtown is set to open soon.
  4. Stay visible
    Especially on those cloudy, dreary winter days, Runner’s World stresses the importance of remembering to make sure you’re visible to those around you. Let’s face it, this time of year, you’re most likely to be exercising outdoors in the early morning or evening in the dark. Make sure your clothing is reflective and wear a head lamp.
    Suggested Outdoor Activity: Go for a run!
  5. Stay hydrated
    According to The Washington Post, “cold-weather exercise might make it harder to think about drinking cold water.” Make sure you’re drinking water throughout the day.
    Suggested Outdoor Activity: Go for a bike ride!
  6. Watch out for snowy and icy sidewalks
    This one comes from the National Institute on Aging and sounds like common sense, but if you’re a runner and you’re jogging around your neighborhood you never know what you’re going to get. Some people might be really good about shoveling their sidewalks while others… not so much.
    Suggested Outdoor Activity: Go for a walk! And if you’re worried about slipping, you can always get yourself a pair of YakTraxs. They slip right over your shoes to give you extra traction while walking or running.

These are all important tips to remember, but don’t let them scare you from outdoor exercise, especially if it happens to be a nice day with warmer than normal temperatures. Take advantage of that, and try to get outdoors for at least a little bit every day.