9Health Fair Celebrations

David, a 59 year old high school physical education teacher, had run a half marathon the week before the 9Health Fair.  He was looking good and feeling healthy.  Although David was a long time 9Health Fair attendee, this particular year he had waited until the last day and practically the last minute to attend.  He almost didn’t make it.  As it would turn out, it was a good thing he did.
David believed he took good care of himself.  He had regular check-ups with his doctor and made sure he took all the tests he was supposed to for his age.  In fact, knowing the tests he needed for his age was what prompted David to request the PSA level blood screening.  Even though his physical tests had never revealed any issues and he had no symptoms indicating a problem, he thought that having the blood test would be a good idea.
It was an excellent idea. Not long after attending, he received a call from a representative with the 9Health Fair.  His results were back and his PSA level was extremely high – 13.5 (the highest normal level is 4.0).
It was recommended that he see his doctor as soon as possible.  He did and after the doctor repeated the test and got the same results, a biopsy was taken.  The results were stunning – stage 2 prostate cancer.  It was found early enough that it had not spread, and David had surgery to remove the cancer.  He has had normal PSA levels ever since. “9Health Fair saved my life.” David said. “I tell every man I know around my age to have this screening.” David owned his health, took action based on the 9Health Fair test results and is now able to keep on running.