9Health Fair Continues to Help Coloradans Achieve their Best Health

9Health Fair has been curating a Colorado tradition of health & wellness for the past 37 years, and continued the effort this fall. Over 2700 individuals took control of their wellness with direct access to critical information about their health with a simple blood test and other health screenings at a 9Health Fair. With no doctors’ visits, prescription or lab orders – each person chose which tests are right for them, with the results sent directly to their home.

With a growing demand for information on hormone health, 9Health Fair unveiled a testosterone screening, which was offered at all locations. This new screening, for both men and women, proved to be very popular, with 394 people taking advantage of it. Testosterone levels play a major role in overall health, and 9Health Fair participants were able to receive education and resources on this important subject from a trusted, neutral source.

A Little Help from a Ninja

With the help of the 9Health Fair spokesman, American Ninja Warriors top contestant, Noah Kaufman MD, the fall season got off to a powerful start.

Kaufman, aka “NinjaDoc”, attended various 9Health Fair locations to help inspire kids and families to take action to be healthy. From pumpkin overnight oats to live Q&A’s to in-home ninja courses, 9Health Fair and NinjaDoc spread the message that you can’t take care of others if you can’t take care of yourself.

Determined to Bring Health to Town

This fall, 17 communities throughout Colorado hosted a 9Health Fair. Each community endured months of planning, meeting, and recruiting volunteers to bring health to their residents.

One location in particular was faced with a challenge from Mother Nature. After a powerful snow storm cancelled their spring fair, Lyons was still determined to bring 9Health Fair to their community. After all, the residents rely on this annual event! Site leaders made necessary arrangements to run in the fall season – they found a new venue, recruited volunteers, promoted the date change – and ended up screening 160+ participants.

Critical Impact

Out of the 2,700 Coloradans who were screened this fall:

  • 50% were found to at-risk for diabetes
  • 1,038 had out-of-range LDL cholesterol
  • 822 had out-of-range triglycerides
  • 137 critical alert calls made by 9Health Fair nurses to provide potentially life-saving information to at-risk participants

Additionally, 250 children received health screenings.

Beyond the Blood Test

Attending a 9Health Fair can be so much more than a blood draw.

  • It’s finding yourself in the right place and the right time to finally get that mole checked out
  • It’s realizing how easy it can be to see how your memory is doing
  • It’s connecting with your community
  • It’s deciding that today is the day to make your health a priority

Faced with an uncertain future of healthcare, we continue to stand by our mission of advancing health awareness and providing people with the tools they need to take responsibility for their own health. It is our honor to serve Coloradans and to help them achieve their best health.

“Being healthy is essential. 9Health Fair continues to help me keep a good mind and healthy body.”

Ellie, 9Health Fair participant