9Health Fair Yoga Open at the Convention Center

This year, 9Health Fair is adding a brand new event to help you take care of your body as well as your mind.  Get out and join us for the first ever 9Health Fair Yoga Open, a Celebration of Healthy Active Lifestyles at the Convention Center on May 4 from 7:00am-Noon.  This unique fair offers all of the same great screenings as other 9Health Fair sites, along with free yoga classes for all skill levels, healthy living exhibits, and other community resources for those who are interested in healthy, active lifestyles.  Yoga classes and workshops are all free of charge but you must register to reserve your space. If you plan to purchase 9Health Fair screenings, you may register online and bring your form with you to the event. If you do not plan to purchase 9Health Fair screenings, please allow time to fill out a registration form on-site, as a 9Health Fair registration form is required for all attendees.
This premier event will have all of the screenings you have come to expect from 9Health Fair.  The most popular screening is the Blood Chemistry.  For $30, you will receive 28 different lab values that give you a great snapshot of your overall health, including liver, kidneys, heart, and bone health, as well as thyroid, glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides.  Having this same panel of blood work done elsewhere would cost between $150-$200!  You may even recognize health professionals from your doctor’s office as all 9Health Fair medical volunteers are professionally trained in their field.  In addition to blood work, 26 additional screenings and services will be offered onsite at the fair.  From adult immunizations, breast, cervical, prostate, and testicular screenings, to blood pressure, vision, hearing, oral health, nutrition, and stress management screenings, there will be something for everyone to own their health.
In the Convention Center hall, 9Health Fair screenings will open into a yoga festival geared towards all experience levels and interests.  Bring a mat and come casually dressed and ready to move, breathe, and learn.  Starting between 7:15am and 7:30am, over 40 classes will be available:  5 conference-style sessions, 9 all-levels classes, 9 beginner classes, and multiple specialty yoga, wellness, and nutrition classes.  Sarah Teddy, Tyrone Beverly, Patrick Harrington, and Jay and Jimmie Hart are featured instructors along with many others from local yoga studios, health clubs, and health organizations who will be onsite to lead inspiring 25-45 minute yoga experiences.
For more information on this and other 9Health Fairs this season, visit www.9HealthFair.org/findafair.  Join the Yoga Open Facebook conversation by clicking HERE.  See you on May 4th at the Convention Center!