Answering questions about COVID-19 antibody testing

A COVID-19 antibody test checks your blood for the antibodies that may tell you if you had a past infection with the virus that causes COVID-19. 9Health is partnering with Quest Diagnostics to soon offer a low-cost antibody test to make it more accessible for anyone that would like to be tested.

The antibody test differs from the nasal swab test you may have seen which checks for an active COVID-19 infection. Those that are tested with a nasal swab are typically experiencing coronavirus symptoms.

Antibody tests are a blood test that can check to see whether you’ve had an infection in the past.

We asked 9Health Expert, Dr. Payal Kohli, some of your questions on Facebook Live about antibody tests including things such as test accuracy and who should get one.

In addition to COVID-19 antibody testing, 9Health will also be offering all of the blood tests you would typically get at a 9Health Fair, including the blood chemistry screening which provides information on your blood glucose, cholesterol, electrolytes, liver, kidneys, thyroids, and more.

The service should launch mid-July, please check frequently for updates.

If you have a health question you can talk to a medical professional through our 9Health Neighbors Program by calling 303-698-4455, ext. 2005. Leave a message and a 9Health Medical Volunteer will call you back within 24 hours. Our 9Health Neighbors will also be available to discuss your antibody test results or any results from our blood screenings.

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