Have you attended a 9Health Fair? It’s results time!


Congratulations on owning your health and attending a 9Health Fair this spring! If you haven’t attended yet there are just three more, click here for details, or see below.

Getting regular screenings for common health concerns, even if you have no symptoms, can help detect problems early and help you benefit from easier and more effective treatment.

Unlike our car, we don’t have a check engine light, so the 9Health Fair is the best way to make sure everything is running ok inside of us and taking the preventive measures we need to live healthier.

Now that you have attended a 9Health Fair, you may ask yourself, “What do my results mean?” Your lab results measure and tell you the amount of certain key elements that are critical to the appropriate function of your body’s organ system. All labs have a normal reference range that tells you if the level of what you are measuring is within normal limits.

When the measurement is outside of the normal range, it may indicate a problem. You and your health care provider can work on discovering and correcting whatever is causing the abnormal value.

Some abnormal values can be extremely critical and others just a warning sign. 9Health Fair nurses will call you if your lab values are in the alert or critical range. They will help you understand the urgency of your results. You can also go to any King Soopers or City Market Pharmacy and ask the pharmacist to help you interpret your results. And, of course, you can speak with your health care provider.

Receiving Your 9Health Fair Results
There are two ways to receive your personal results, depending on whether you registered in advance using the online registration tool or if you registered in person at the fair by filling out the participant form.

If you took advantage of online registration, you will receive your results electronically, one to two weeks after attending your 9Health Fair. If you registered in person, by filling out a participant registration form at the 9Health Fair itself, you will receive your results via mail to the address you provided on the registration form. Your results should arrive within four weeks of when you attended the 9Health Fair.

Need Help Reading Your Results?

Sometimes the numbers on your results can be hard to understand, click here for commonly asked questions and other resources. You can also check out this Facebook Live interview about results with the nurses at 9Health.

If you have questions or need help understanding your results, contact 9Health Fair at 303-698-4455, and ask to speak to one of our nurses. Remember, 9Health Fair does not replace a visit to your health care provider. Please use 9Health Fair results as part of your overall effort to own your health!

If you haven’t attended a 9Health Fair yet, there are three more this weekend at two sites:

Timberline Church 9Health Fair

Friday, May 3rd and Saturday, May 4th 7:00 AM – 1:00 PM

2908 South Timberline Road
Fort Collins, CO – 80525

Thornton – Carpenter Rec Ctr

Saturday, May 4

Time: 7:00 AM – 12:00 PM

11151 Colorado Blvd
Thornton, CO – 80233