Attending a 9Health Fair This Spring? Thank a Volunteer!

Reaching through Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming, 16,000 volunteers are set to take the stage again this spring for one common purpose: to help others in their communities own their health.  9Health Fair is the largest volunteer agency in Colorado and one of the largest in the country.  Over 70,000 people gain access to free or low-cost health screenings due to this set of extraordinary individuals. 
What fewer know, however, is that 9Health Fair staff do not run the fairs.  Each of the 130+ sites has a strong volunteer team that carries out every aspect of their site, with guidance from the 9Health Fair staff.  Based on their community’s needs and wants, site coordinators decide which screenings to offer, the most effective marketing strategies for the community, and how the overall fair will run on the chosen day.
Wendy and Caroline, volunteers from Lakewood and Pagosa Springs respectively, started volunteering in a leadership role with 9Health Fair for very different reasons.  Wendy loved the chance to get involved and educate her community, while Caroline hoped to once again use her gift of volunteer management and guidance to accomplish something great.  Each site’s leadership team puts in long hours starting months before the actual fair date, but that is not what Wendy and Caroline remember most.  Unanimously, they shared with 9Health Fair that they like seeing the difference they can make in the community.  “I love the opportunity to use my nursing training outside of regular work to help demystify health and break down common health misconceptions,” Wendy said.  Caroline wanted her work to be meaningful and important and has found that with 9Health Fair.  “I love working with the other volunteers and meeting new people.”
When you come to a fair this year, thank a volunteer.  Everything you see and participate in, they organized for you.  Each decision they made was with you in mind.  They wanted to create the best event possible for you to own your health with ease.

If you want to join with others making a difference, there is still time to volunteer with the 9Health Fair this year.  Click HEREto get started and welcome aboard!