9Health Tip: How Many Vegetables Do You Eat?

How many vegetables do you eat in a day? Sometimes it seems hard to eat the correct amount, but adding more veggies to your diet may be easier than you think. Follow these 10 tips to help you put more color into your daily diet.

How Healthy is Your Holiday Menu?

Are you starting to think about the holidays? They are coming upon us fast which means it is time to start planning. If you are like most people, planning holiday meals and deciding what types of desserts to have on hand are at the top of the list. Cheese covered casseroles, scrumptious cinnamon rolls, a […]

9Health Tip: Do You Fuel Your Body Properly When Exercising?

Running and exercising place heavy demands on the body, especially when training for long distance events. The amount of calories and carbohydrates you need, and how much water you should drink depends on how long and hard you workout. Check out these nutrition and hydration tips that can give marathon runners and other athletes a leg up.

9Health Tip: New ADHD Guidelines

The American Academy of Pediatrics has set new ADHD guidelines, including a broader age group. The guidelines say doctors should follow up on certain kids ages 4 to 18, where previously the guidelines covered ages 6 to 12. Find out more about this important information from USA Today.

Guest Blog of the Month: Is Your Tween Resistant to Play Team Sports?

Article Written by Theresa Byrne  For adults that loved sports as a kid, it just seems unimaginable that any kid wouldn’t jump at the chance to play sports!  In the health & fitness industry we know that playing sports is great for kids on many levels… their test scores are higher, they are healthier, […]

Soda Tax May Reduce Weight, Raise Revenue

Would you continue purchasing soda and sugar-sweetened beverages if large taxes were tacked onto those products? A soda tax could actually reduce weight and increase revenue.  USA Today published an article that talks about how a tax would affect people and what the increased tax money could be used for. What are your thoughts about a […]

JUST FOR THE HEALTH OF IT! Blog – Find Time to Fit in Exercise!

Let’s talk about exercise and fitness. With our busy lives, who has time for fitness, right? It’s difficult to schedule time to work out, but it’s important to your health! Scientific research continues to show that consistent physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, and it actually helps improve the quality of […]

Do You Run Into Health Care Barriers?

Do you run into barriers when it comes to health care? Access is important and you should be able to get the care you need to stay healthy without access issues or unpredictable costs. At 9Health Fair, we provide the opportunity for access to health through our 9Health fairs. Attending a fair is a great […]