#BusyBeingHealthy with the NinjaDoc

Hopefully by now you’re following our 9Health Fair #BusyBeingHealthy social media campaign. We’ve featured a variety of on-air talent from 9News, such as Morning Anchor Corey Rose and Meteorologist Belen DeLeon as they’ve shared their strategies for staying #BusyBeingHealthy. Now, 9Health Fair Spokesman Noah Tal Kaufman, a.k.a NinjaDoc from American Ninja Warrior shares his tips for keeping health a […]

Get Help Identifying Which Aspects of Your Health You Should Monitor

Maybe you’ve read or heard about our 9Health Fairs and think to yourself, “Well, I’m doing alright. I don’t know which screening I should get, so I probably don’t really need to go.” Or maybe you’ve heard about our fairs and thought to yourself, “Well, I’ll go and get screened for everything. Why not?” Well, […]

Play for Your Lungs

It’s National Healthy Lung Month. So what better way to show your lungs some love than to get outdoors and use them! According to Health Status, it really comes down to lung capacity: “The greater the lung capacity, the easier it is to provide your body and its organs with the vital oxygen it needs […]

Ease Your Stress by Making Time for Fun

Maybe it’s the shorter days, but if you’re feeling like there’s not enough time to accomplish everything on your to-do list, that’s okay. Remind yourself that while the daylight hours may be shorter, you still have that same amount of time in your day that you’ve always had. It might also do you some good […]

Can You Really Rely on Your Breast Self-Exam?

Susan G. Komen is no longer recommending breast self-exams. According to their website, the self-exam doesn’t offer the early detection and survival benefits of other screening tests. So, do you really need to continue doing a monthly self-exam? The Benefits of Breast Self-Exams While Susan G. Komen may no longer recommend breast self-exams, many other […]

The Ladies that Take Care of 9Health Fair

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln No matter your age, we all know how important the bonds of friendship are in our lives. Even those who are part of a couple look forward to girls’ night and guys’ night. According […]

Flu Shots Offered at 9Health Fair this Fall

This fall a number of our 9Health Fairs will be providing affordable flu vaccinations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the flu shot saying “When more people get vaccinated against the flu, less flu can spread through that community.” How does the Flu Shot Work? The flu shot protects against three or four […]