Stop the Spinning: How to Overcome Vertigo

You sit up in the morning and the whole room feels like its spinning. You try to get up and lose your balance. If you get symptoms like this, and strong feelings of dizziness, you could be experiencing vertigo. Over 8 million people in the U.S. suffer from the sudden, debilitating, dizzy spells caused by positional […]

Yummy and Healthy Recipes for your Instant Pot

Happy New Year! Is one of your resolutions to eat healthier in 2019? Did you happen to get an Instant Pot as a gift over the holidays? The pressure cooker can be a great way to make quick, healthy meals. We searched and found some recipes that look extra tasty and easy to make. Enjoy! […]

Lessen the Let Down Effect

Sometimes the good times can make us sick. It can be a very common thing to develop a cold, the flu, or other sicknesses after the holidays are over or after any big event. This is known as the let down effect, “It’s a pattern in which people experience a flare-up of a chronic condition […]

Helping a Hoarder

Piles of boxes, newspapers, books, trinkets, and even trash. Every room full of various items. How do you know when it’s just clutter or something more serious like hoarding disorder? On our weekly Facebook show, Health Happens, we talked with Loretta Trujillo, manager for the Chores program with Seniors’ Resource Center, who is trying to […]

Culinary Medicine: Cure with Food

Guest blog by Lisa Wingrove, RD, CSO, Nutrition Outreach and Development Coordinator at the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center The holidays are fast approaching, and with the New Year, many of us plan some healthy changes. Maybe your Doctor suggested some heart-healthy food choices, but the visual of a steamer laden with chicken […]