Battle of the Organs

feb 16It’s not very often that someone contacts a non-profit and says, “I want to raise money for you. I have a fundraiser idea, and I want to give all the proceeds to your organization.” So imagine our surprise when Gladys Brown Turnbough called our Director of Development, Brad Brunz, to say exactly that.

Fundraising from the Heart

Gladys’ idea was to have a “Battle of the Organs” And no, not a battle of the organs inside our bodies. Those really big, beautiful musical instruments often found in churches and cathedrals.

Gladys is a cervical cancer survivor. The cancer was discovered in a late stage. Fortunately, Jones was able to beat it and now wants to raise awareness on the cancer as well as HPV. Gladys told Caldwell-Kirk in their publication that she wanted to do something with music because it heals.

“9Health Fair is so pleased that Gladys Jones and the Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church decided to partner with us for such a great cause,” says Brunz. “Partnering with the members of the church as well as the African American Community is something that we take tremendous pride in.

This event, the 1st annual Cervical Cancer/HPV Awareness Campaign, was held at the Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church in Aurora and was truly wonderful. It included national recording artist Moses Tyson, Jr. and other talented musicians from within the community.

“Gladys is a wonderful example of an individual who has overcome great odds and in doing so, has made the conscious decision to pay it forward. Her spirit and energy are contagious,” says Brunz. “The fact that she was willing to plan an event for Cervical Cancer Screenings and provide those funds to 9Health Fair is a true testament to her character. It goes without saying that she was a joy to work with and that we greatly appreciate her hard work and generosity.”

“On behalf of 9Health Fair I would like to personally thank everyone involved in this event and their hard work to help our organization screen women for cervical cancer here in Colorado,” says Brunz.