Be Your Own Advocate with 9Health Fair

Now in her mid 50’s, Nancy had always been active and in great shape. She loved to swim, went hiking whenever she had the chance, and ate healthy all the time. Her friends and family always admired her liveliness and ability to stay so healthy.
Two years ago, Nancy started noticing some changes with the way she was feeling. Her energy level was low on a pretty regular basis. She didn’t enjoy being active like she had in the past. Then she noticed she started getting sick more often. With pneumonia hitting her twice within a short period of time, she was beginning to realize something was really wrong.
With a good career as a human resources director, she had been on top of the world – now, she found herself feeling unable to work. Nancy eventually left her job because she was having so many unresolved health issues. Her head would spin frequently and she was very lethargic. It was to the point where she couldn’t even manage basic life tasks. Her doctor could not figure out what was wrong.
Now on a fixed income, she didn’t have a huge budget. Her friend invited her to a 9Health Fair and she thought that was a great way to get a health check-up without spending an arm and a leg.
She had the Blood Chemistry screening, which provides baseline information on cholesterol, blood glucose, liver, kidneys, thyroid and more. Within a few weeks, she received her results that showed she had a thyroid problem, which was a huge surprise to her! She immediately took her results to her doctor and he said he hadn’t even thought to test her thyroid.
She is now on medication, has dropped weight and is feeling like a new person. Back to hiking and swimming, Nancy says she owes it to 9Health Fair. And the message she wants to pass on is that everyone needs to be their own personal health advocate. 9Health Fair made her pay attention to her health and made her more aware of other ways to be healthy. Now she feels there is hope and wants others to feel the same thing. Take it from Nancy; you need to own your health!
Make sure to register for a spring 9Health Fair! This is the time to make that health resolution come true. February 1st, check our website for a list of 2015 spring fair locations and dates.