Beef: It’s What’s For…Breakfast!

(This guest post is authored by Colorado Beef Council)

Recent research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that eating a protein-rich breakfast, such as beef and eggs, boosts satiety and reduces hunger signals and brain activation responses involved with food cravings more than a typical ready-to-eat breakfast cereal. Study participants, overweight late adolescents who normally skip breakfast, experienced a significant reduction in unhealthy evening snacking following a protein-rich breakfast.

Lean beef is a complete high-quality protein that contains all the essential amino acids your body needs for optimal health. Even better, a 3-oz serving of lean beef is about 150 calories on average and provides more than 10 percent of the Daily Value for 10 essential nutrients. Lean beef is a perfect partner for fruits, vegetables and whole grains, so it’s easy to enjoy more high-quality protein in your diet.

Is your mouth watering from the picture above?  Get the recipe from Colorado Beef Council here!