Breathe Easier with 9Health Fair

As a “snowbird”, Pam gets the best of both worlds – the warm, colorful summers of Colorado, and the mild, sunny winters of Arizona.  It was just a few years ago, as winter was winding down in Arizona and she made plans to migrate back to Colorado, that she noticed a shortness of breath – and it wasn’t going away.  Slightly concerned, she pondered her next move.  Her symptoms weren’t severe enough to warrant spending hundreds of dollars on a spew of diagnostic tests, but her conscience told her to not ignore this warning sign. Pam was put at ease when she remembered that her arrival back in Colorado timed perfectly with the start of the 9Health Fair season, and perhaps there was a free screening she could do there.

Free Lung Function Screening

Sure enough, the 9Health Fair she attended offered a free lung function screening.  A medical volunteer suggested this test after she described the breathing trouble.  The test was simple enough – she was instructed to blow into a tube with all of her might.  She pictured herself blowing hard enough to sway the leaves of the Arizona palm trees.  Within just a few minutes, the results were ready – her lungs were only working at 70%, and a visit with her primary care physician should be scheduled.
A few weeks later, her primary care physician delivered the diagnosis – Pam had lung cancer.  She didn’t smoke, and maintained a healthy lifestyle – how could she have lung cancer?  Her initial confusion and anxiety were mildly calmed when her doctor shared that because the cancer had been detected early, he was confident that surgery would remove the cancer successfully, and chemotherapy or radiation would not be necessary.
The surgery went well, and before she knew it, she was back at her doctor’s office.  This time, hoping to hear good news.  “During a recent follow-up visit with my thoracic surgeon, I wanted to hear the ‘C-word’ – that I was CURED!” Pam says. “He was cautious to not say that promising word, but instead shared with me that I was in remission!”
9Health Fair celebrates this great news and wants to help Pam share this story to urge everyone to go to a 9Health Fair!
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