#BusyBeingHealthy with Belen DeLeon

329778_4622376557192_45170870_oHopefully by now you’re following our 9Health Fair #BusyBeingHealthy social media campaign. In the last few weeks, we featured 9News Morning Anchor Corey Rose, Meteorologist Marty Coniglio and Anchor/Reporter TaRhonda Thomas and their strategies for staying #BusyBeingHealthy. This week we chatted with 9News Meteorologist Belen DeLeon to learn how she’s #BusyBeingHealthy.

9Health Fair: You always participate in 9Health Fair. Why is the important for you and how do you use your results?

Belen: It’s important for me to spread the message of making your health a priority. It’s easy to lose track when life is moving so quickly. Unfortunately, we don’t slow down until we don’t feel well, but many illnesses don’t have symptoms. A few years ago I decided to do a blood screening at a 9Health Fair and took the results to my doctor. I learned that I had a low platelet count and that I was anemic. This was also affecting my energy. You wouldn’t know I had low energy from watching me on the morning show, but it was mainly affecting me at home with my family, where it’s most important. I needed to make a change and started eating foods richer in iron and I’ve seen a big improvement.

9Health Fair: Your schedule is way different from most people’s. How do you manage your sleep? Particularly when those around you are on different sleep schedules? What about on weekend or when you’re on vacation?

Belen: My sleep schedule is like my personality, wacky. Planning ahead is essential. If I’m on the schedule to work the morning show I have to be in bed way earlier the previous night. Bedtime is 7 pm so I can get up at 2 am the next morning. Sometimes my children have to tuck me into bed, but by now we have a routine and they understand. They are quiet in the next room while mommy sleeps. This early wake-up schedule is a bit of a pain when on vacation because I can’t sleep past 7 am, but being up early is a perk because I get more done.

9Health Fair: With a schedule like yours, how do you manage your nutrition? Do you have certain snacks you keep at your desk?

Belen: Before I leave the house for work, I pack a bag of lunch and snacks for myself. The bag contains meals that I have already prepared and a few other goodies to get me from meal to meal. This way I’ve set myself up for a day with mostly healthy eating and don’t have to wander into the breakroom. The vending machine in there is just too tempting.

Meal prepping has become an important part of my weekly routine. I dedicate one afternoon a week to cooking and don’t have to spend as much time during the week in the kitchen and can spend that time with my family instead. I keep it simple. My favorites are protein pancakes, rice cakes with peanut butter for snacks. Lunches and dinners might be salad or a meal with protein and veggies. The proteins don’t change too much, but I like to explore new ways to explore vegetables. I really enjoy oven roasted Brussel sprouts and asparagus, and sautéed squash and spinach.

9Health Fair: Besides going to the gym, what are your favorite ways to fit in more exercise (walk the dog, go for hikes, etc.)?

Belen: Besides the three sessions a week in the gym, I love to get outdoors. Hikes are my favorite thing to do with my husband. We look for new trails and explore Colorado. When it’s winter, we hit the slopes.

9Health Fair: One of the hardest parts of your job must be hearing about all the tragedies that happen around our world. How do you not let this affect your mental health and your view of the world?

Belen: When I leave work I go into a bubble, and in that bubble is the love of my family. We surround ourselves with things that make us happy and make us better people. If we do this in our home, my hope is that we can reflect our love to the people around us and create a world of more love and tolerance and less negativity. I remind myself that although bad people do bad things, there are many more wonderful people on this earth doing positive things.

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