#BusyBeingHealthy Holiday Edition


Imagine – you’re meeting up with friends and family for your holiday dinner (or party). Everyone is saying to you how good you look. “What have you been doing/What’s your secret?” they ask. You smile and you feel good. And you should! You’ve put in the hard work. You had the willpower to make your health a priority this holiday season and now it’s paying off!

Would you like the above scenario to be your reality? It would feel pretty good, wouldn’t it? But let’s be honest, it’s hard during the holidays. There are so many parties and treats. And even if you have time off every minute still seems to get filled up. So how can you make the above scenario a reality?

Well, we’re here to help! Our staff here at 9Health Fair wants to share their tricks with you, such as ways to sneak in some extra activity or how to avoid consuming unnecessary calories. It’s our #BusyBeingHealthy Holiday Edition!

And there’s more! Given your overwhelming response to #BusyBeingHealthy with the 9News team, we’re going to check back in with them with Facebook Live videos throughout the holiday season to see what they do stay on track when the temptation is everywhere!

9Health Staff Strategy for Staying Healthy During the Holidays

“I try to always make sleep a priority, but it’s especially important around the holidays. If I’m not getting enough sleep I don’t have the energy to resist all the holiday sweets nor do I have the energy to go and work off those treats. Plus, when I’m not getting enough sleep I find myself getting stressed out far more easily than I would with a good night’s sleep, and we know how stressful the holidays can be. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep; it will go a long way into positively affecting your motivation.” Liz Rittiman, Social & Digital Marketing Manager

“Ted (my husband) likes to ‘sneak’ healthy choices into our diet by removing ½ the yolks from any egg dish, and will never cook with butter – only olive oil.” Melody Ryan, Client Services Manager

“One healthy thing I do for Livy (my daughter) and she doesn’t seem to miss it, is to use rice milk in her mac and cheese instead of full-fat milk.” Melanie Zeitler, Director of Philanthropy

“Greek yogurt for dips, rather than gross mayonnaise!” Kimberly Penney, Co-Director of Health & Wellness

“I don’t allow my kids or myself to drive to their school. It’s half a mile from our house. We walk or bike every day.” Melinda Taylor, Social Media Coordinator and Northern Council Liaison

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