#BusyBeingHealthy While Pregnant with Colleen Ferreira

while pregnantFor the last few months, 9Health Fair has been checking in with the crew at 9News on how they stay #BusyBeingHealthy despite their crazy and hectic schedules. Their strategies have been very eye opening and inspiring, but what about when you’re pregnant? You want to be healthy for the baby, right? But when those cravings kick in, then what? And what about exercise? 9News Reporter Colleen Ferreira shares how she is #BusyBeingHealthy throughout her pregnancy.

9Health Fair: Are you having any cravings? If so, how do you handle it if/when you crave things that are not so good for you?

Colleen: Yes! Lots of cravings. One day it’s fried chicken, the next it’s ice cream. Bagels and cream cheese is a constant craving. In the very beginning, I couldn’t stomach raw vegetables. The sight of spinach and carrots would make me sick! Now, I love raw veggies. My cravings come and go. If I’m craving something, I eat it. I won’t eat an entire bucket of fried chicken or an entire gallon of ice cream, but I will let myself have one piece or one ice cream bar. If I deprive myself of something I’m craving, I’ll eat something else in its place, and I’ll usually end up eating more calories just trying to make up for the thing I was craving. So instead of all that, I’ll let myself eat a small amount of whatever I’m craving and even a small amount of it is very fulfilling and satisfying!

9Health Fair: What about exercise? It must feel different to work out with a growing baby inside of you, yet many doctors say it’s important to stay physically active during pregnancy. What kind of exercise do you do?

Colleen: Instead of looking at it as “exercise”, I just make sure I’m active. I live in a walkable neighborhood. I make myself walk to the grocery store, the mall, out to eat. Before you know it, you’re walking more than a few miles a day. If I tell myself to exercise, I won’t do it. If I tell myself, “go for a walk”, that’s easy.

9Health Fair: Are you having trouble sleeping? If so, how do you deal with it?

Colleen: I’ve turned into an insomniac during my pregnancy! I used to take melatonin or Zquil to sleep every night because of my early-morning work hours, but I have opted not to take any of that during pregnancy. A warm glass of milk sometimes helps me fall asleep. Other than that, I haven’t found anything that truly works. But it’s not forever. At the end of all of this, I get a cute bundle to bring home!

9Health Fair: Do you find yourself worrying about things more than you used to? If so, how do you deal with that?

Colleen: It is very easy to worry about everything. From preparing for the baby to drinking enough water and making sure I’m always eating the right thing. I take it day by day. If you try to do too much, you can easily get overwhelmed. Instead, I make a realistic list of what I need to get done every day. If I don’t get it done, no big deal. I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself at the moment.

9Health Fair: Overall, what has changed in terms of how you take care of yourself now that you are pregnant, compared to before your pregnancy?

Colleen: Now, more than ever, I listen to my body. If I’m tired, I slow down. If something hurts, I pay more attention. If I’m not feeling well, I take it easy. Before I was pregnant, I always pushed myself to the limit. Packed schedule, I wouldn’t remember to eat because I was so busy all the time, and always overdoing it because I could! I’ve made some minor adjustments to allow myself to slow down a bit and take a breath every now and then. I sometimes forget I have a baby growing inside me! But then he kicks and I remember he’s here!

9Health Fair: What’s been the biggest surprise or challenge so far for you during your pregnancy?

Colleen: The biggest challenge is slowing down. I’m used to going a million miles per hour every day. Aren’t we all?  Whether it’s at work, home or volunteering, I like to be super busy, all the time. But overdoing it these days will make me sick. That’s why I suggest taking life day by day. Some days are awesome and others are rough, but keeping my eyes on the prize of a sweet baby boy always puts a smile on my face!

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