#BusyBeingHealthy with Corey Rose

#BusyBeingHealthyWe hear it all the time:

“I’d workout, but I just don’t have the time.”

“I’m too busy getting my kids off to school to prep my own meals.”

“Between work and family obligations something has to give, and that’s just going to have to be sleep.”

“I’m so stressed out right now, but there’s not really anything I can do about it because I just don’t have the time to relax.”


No matter what your reason, your health should be a priority! It sounds easier said than done, which is why we found some of the busiest people we know – the team at 9News – to find out how they stay healthy in spite of their crazy, busy schedules! So how do they make it work?

As part of our #BusyBeingHealthy campaign, 9News Morning Anchor Corey Rose (who is at work before many of us even wake up!) shares her strategies for staying healthy below…

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How Corey Rose is #BusyBeingHealthy

9Health Fair: We know that you always go to the gym after work, no matter what. How do you keep yourself motivated to stay with it?

Corey: I know I am happiest when I look my best, so I remember that and motivate myself enough to go straight to the gym after work. I know myself too well and know if I go home, it will never happen. My goal is 4-5 days of workout (intense workout). I eat clean and healthy during the week, no alcohol and limit my sugar and then I splurge a little on the weekend. I don’t go crazy but I’ll allow myself a cheat meal or two and a glass of wine without feeling guilty, but the goal is to say strict during the week. My workouts are always extreme, burning upwards of 600 calories in an hour’s time. I don’t have a lot of time, so the time I give to working out, I give all I have.

9Health Fair: Your husband is involved with MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), how does that affect your decisions around your fitness and nutrition?

Corey: Look at him and you’ll know why he is a big part of my motivation. He is super fit, very healthy, works out 3 times a day, 6 days a week which is unattainable for most people but it sure helps push me on the days I really don’t want to go to the gym.

9Health Fair: You always participate in 9Health Fair each year. Why is that important for you and how do you use your results?

Corey: So much can change in one year… I want to make sure I am monitoring it all the time and make sure my levels stay the same or improve. I don’t want to ever be caught off guard and think I could have done more to prevent it from progressing. I was feeling foggy, and light headed… just not myself. I went to a 9Health Fair to get my blood drawn and found out I was anemic. I was thankful for the 9Heath Fair program in order to catch that early enough. I took it to my doctor for follow up. It’s a great first step in your lifelong journey of health.

9Health Fair: Your schedule is way different from most people’s. How do you manage your sleep? Particularly when those around you are on different sleep schedules? What about on weekend or when you’re on vacation?

Corey: My schedule is tough. I wake up at 1:45am… so making sure I get decent sleep is one of my biggest challenges. It’s nearly impossible for me to get to sleep before 8PM, so what I try to do is supplement. I take a 1-hour nap most days that gives me that little boost to power through the rest of the day. Weekends… I catch up. I tell my husband that if he tries to wake me up or makes too much noise before 9am… it’s grounds for divorce, LOL. That’s my time to catch up because I know my body needs it. Friday and Saturday nights I typically will get 10 hours of sleep. Same with vacations… most people look forward to fun in the sun, traveling, etc. I look forward to sleeping in the most! And when I can, I do!

9Health Fair: With a schedule like yours, how do you manage your nutrition? Do you have certain snacks you keep at your desk?

Corey: I always have jerky with me! Always. Ask my co-workers. It’s something that’s fast, easy protein you just have to be careful what kind you buy. I also always have Quest Bars which are protein bars with low carbs, low sugar and around 200 calories. I always have two bottles of water with me… always… and try to drink 4-5 bottles a day. Cashews are always at my desk as well.

9Health Fair: Do you do meal prep? What are some of your favorite healthy foods?

Corey: I meal prep and I buy healthy food from a company called Ready Fit Go. It’s a great local company that makes super healthy food, ready to go. Just pop in the microwave. On each meal, the carbs, calories, proteins, etc., are listed so you know exactly where you are at. It’s easy to drive through somewhere or grab something fast if you are not prepared when hunger strikes, so I make sure I am always a meal ahead and have it planned. My weekday meals consist of eggs, chicken sausage, salmon, chicken, steak, veggies, fruit, white rice (sometimes), a lot of water, and when I am craving sweets… chocolate.

9Health Fair: Besides going to the gym, what are your favorite ways to fit in more exercise?

Corey: Skiing is a big one for me. I learned to ski when I was 3. Great exercise, and so much fun. I also love to wake surf – what a blast and I’m usually sore the next day from using different muscles. I walk my dog every day, often take her on 3-mile runs to supplement my CrossFit workouts.

9Health Fair: One of the hardest parts of your job must be covering all the tragedies that happen around our world. After telling the same sad story all day on-air, how do you not let this affect your mental health and your view of the world?

Corey: You have to find a way to separate it all. It’s not healthy to take it all home with you every day. I really try to leave tragedy at work and enjoy my time at home. I work very hard at having a life-work balance. When I am having an extra hard day in terms of the news, I go home and I spend time with the ones I love most in my life and think about all the blessings I have…all the love that surrounds me… and it helps level me out.

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