#BusyBeingHealthy with Marty Coniglio

Bike 1Hopefully by now you’re following our 9Health Fair#BusyBeingHealthy social media campaign. Last week, we featured 9News Morning Anchor Corey Rose and her strategies for staying #BusyBeingHealthy. This week, we chatted with 9News Meteorologist Marty Coniglio to learn how he’s#BusyBeingHealthy.

9Health Fair: We know you like to pack nutritious food each night. What kind of food do you like to pack and how do you make time to do it?

Marty: I use the time after my afternoon nap when I’m too loopy to do anything else.  Because we have no time to eat a real breakfast, in the 5 consecutive hours we are in the studio each morning, I make a 32 oz. smoothie with vegetables, fruit, coconut oil, and protein.

9Health Fair: We also know you like your smoothie with aloe and seaweed. Tell us a little about that and how it keeps you feeling good throughout the day.

Marty: Aloe is good for digestion and really helps me keep my stomach settled.  Seaweed is high in many important minerals and vitamins.

9Health Fair: Your schedule is way different from most people’s. How do you manage your sleep? Particularly when those around you are on different sleep schedules? What about on weekend or when you’re on vacation?

Marty: I don’t manage very well, to be honest.  While at work everything is pretty good, but I do find myself completely out-of-sync with the rest of my family.  If on a vacation for more than 3-4 days (which is rare) I do try to adopt a “normal” sleep pattern, but anything short of that and my eyes are still popping open at 2 am.

9Health Fair: With a schedule like yours, how do you manage your nutrition? Do you have certain snacks you keep at your desk?  Do you do meal prep? What are some of your favorite healthy foods?

Marty: I have a rule that the only food I eat at work is what I bring in myself.  I do keep low-fat cheese, nuts, and fruit here in a mini fridge under my desk.  It limits temptations to eat other less healthy foods that come into the newsroom. I do meal prep, but my diet is very limited due to my chronic migraine headaches.  I eat very few foods and I prepare them very simply, mainly grilling and baking.  Favorite foods: spinach, kale, several varieties of nuts, chicken, turkey, sweet potatoes, though I do have to confess I have a terrible chocolate addiction.  With the chocolate I only eat dark with at least 72% cacao.

9Health Fair: Besides going to the gym, what are your favorite ways to fit in more exercise (walk the dog, go for hikes, etc.)?

Marty: I walk as much as I can at work and while at home.  I also walk our dog once a day each day (twice a day on weekends) so there’s another 3-6 miles of outdoor time each day.

9Health Fair: One of the hardest parts of your job must be hearing about the tragedies and sad events. Sometimes it must feel like there’s something terrible happening every day. How do you deal with that and keep it from impacting your mental health in a negative way?

Marty: That is a complicated question.  Dealing with the news of the world in such concentrated quantities is difficult.  I try to adopt a mindset similar to that of a health care professional and try to maintain a level of objectivity and detachment.  There are some stories, however, that are too tragic and powerful to ignore.

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