Caffeine and Workouts: Does One Enhance the Other?

It seems to make sense, doesn’t it? Drink coffee, go workout. The caffeine will then give you an energy boost for your workout. (Note: If you have an irregular heartbeat, heart condition or high blood pressure, consult your doctor before ingesting caffeine prior to your workout.)

Coffee + Exercise = Weight Loss

Health Magazine cites a study saying that yes, working out after drinking coffee may give you an advantage when it comes to weight loss. One reason for that – it improves your circulation. A Japanese study found that people who weren’t regular coffee drinkers but were given a 5-ounce cup saw a 30% increase in blood flow in a 75-minute period. Better circulation means more oxygen for your muscles. That, in turn, improves your workout.

Now, make sure you’re drinking black coffee. Men’s Fitness also says it will accelerate fat loss. Doing so will cause fat cells to be used as energy and boost your metabolism. This way you burn more calories throughout the day.

You may be wondering, aren’t you dehydrating yourself before working out if you drink coffee? Shape Magazine posed the question to one doctor who says no. While it is a diuretic, meaning it increases urination, studies show it does not lead to dehydration.

Drink Your Coffee and Go!

Now that you know, maybe set your alarm for a half hour early, have your cup of coffee and get out there and burn some calories. Here are a few ideas for quick morning workouts.

Go for a Run

You don’t have to go anywhere special. Just have your running shoes handy and after you finish that coffee, lace up and head in any direction. Set a timer for 15 minutes, then turn around and run back.

Work Your Muscles

It doesn’t have to be all cardio and you don’t have to have weights. You can find plenty of workouts that you do right in your own home. So, finish your coffee and find a clear space. You can always find workout ideas on 9HealthReady.

Bike to Work

Why not have your coffee, then hop on your bike and bike to work? It’s the perfect way to burn some more calories! Depending on the distance and elevation change, you might not even have to shower afterward. But even if you do, if your office has a shower, you have no excuse not to (unless the weather’s bad).

Just Dance

Maybe this isn’t the typical workout you were thinking, but dancing does burn calories. Drink your coffee and then crank up the music and dance as you get ready for your day. We are jamming to the Trolls soundtrack right now and it’s awesome! We particularly enjoy “Get Back Up Again” by Anna Kendrick.

Between the coffee and the exercise, you’re going to be ready to seize the day when you get to the office or wherever you work. And you’re probably going to be in a good mood too. Talk about starting the day right!