Calling All Phlebotomists!

As we approach the spring health fair season, in our 40th year, we need more volunteers to make it all happen.

One of the most popular screenings at a 9Health Fair is the blood chemistry screening. To make sure that is available to fair participants, we need phlebotomists – or medical professionals skilled at drawing blood, “Phlebotomists, like all of our volunteers, are integral to the success of a health fair. Phlebotomists have very unique and valuable skills that allow us to provide low-cost blood screenings to the communities of Colorado each year,” says Stacey Brake, Co-Director of Health and Wellness at 9Health.

To volunteer to draw blood you must have current experience, within the last six months. If it has been over a year we do offer a refresher course to learn 9Health Fair equipment and protocol.

“We encourage students to volunteer as well! Students need to have a minimum of 25 successful sticks and will need to have their instructor or preceptor with them at the fair,” explains Brake.

On Health Happens, our weekly Facebook Live show, we talked to Elisa Cook, MA, who has volunteered as a medical coordinator and phlebotomist with the 9Health Fair. She says there are many ways to become a phlebotomist and it doesn’t take that long to get certified, “Community colleges, bigger schools, and technical colleges provide training and it’s usually about a month to get certified and then two weeks of clinicals.”

We are also excited to announce two new screenings this year. Fair participants have the option to select the following new screenings:

  • High-Sensitivity C-reactive Protein (Hs-CRP)– This screening may better identify your risk for cardiovascular disease. This screening is important if you want to focus on heart health!
  • Blood Typing – This screening will now allow you to learn your blood type! This is an important thing to know, especially if you need a transfusion or plan to donate blood.

Without 9Health Fair volunteers, none of the work we do at 9Health would be possible. The volunteers are the driving force that ensures Coloradans are getting the vital health information they need to become more aware of, and responsible for, their health – which in turn saves lives.

Regardless of your skill set or experience level, we have a volunteer opportunity for you.
Call (303) 698-4455 to discuss your future involvement with 9Health Fair.
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