The Ladies that Take Care of 9Health Fair

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln No matter your age, we all know how important the bonds of friendship are in our lives. Even those who are part of a couple look forward to girls’ night and guys’ night. According […]

When Heart Disease Runs in the Family

Imagine this scenario: One minute, you’re healthy. You’re having a blast, running a race with your family and all is good. The next, you are unconscious. For 24 minutes, paramedics are pumping your chest and performing CPR. Your family is distraught and terrified. You shouldn’t make it… yet, you do. You should have brain damage… […]

Best “Poke” Ever!

This is a testimonial sent to us by 9Health Fair participant Ellie Gaccetta. We hope those of you who have attended a 9Health Fair this spring had a similar experience. For those of you who are nervous to attend, we hope Ellie’s experience will encourage you to overcome the fear so you too can Own […]

The More You Do it, the More Natural it Becomes

Eileen Sokolovic is a shining example of how Owning Your Health can drastically improve your quality of life. She credits the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program, led by Keri-Ann Parodi, as a life-saving support group for her. “I am a 67-year-old woman, who through 9Health Fair was put in touch with this program.” She says her […]

Meet Louie: Heart Attack Survivor & 9Health Fair Volunteer

Do you recognize this face? It’s Louie Cohn. Maybe you know him personally, maybe you’ve worked one of our 9Health Fairs with him or maybe you’ve seen him in this ad for SCL Health? Louie’s Story Louie has been volunteering for 9Health Fair for a decade now. Like many of our volunteers, Louie is a […]

Battle of the Organs

It’s not very often that someone contacts a non-profit and says, “I want to raise money for you. I have a fundraiser idea, and I want to give all the proceeds to your organization.” So imagine our surprise when Gladys Brown Turnbough called our Director of Development, Brad Brunz, to say exactly that. Fundraising from […]

A New 9Health Fair Proves Successful from the Get-Go

The Ethiopian Evangelical Church in Aurora proves that as long as you have a passion for health and love for your community, even your first 9Health Fair can be a resounding success. A Success From the Start The church held its first 9Health Fair back in October, and participants were predominately from the Ethiopian community. […]