What You Need to Know about the New FDA Guidelines for Food

Just a few months ago, a new report came out saying red meat can cause cancer. Now, in the Food and Drug Administration’s(FDA) newest guidelines, updated every five years, has said red meat is actually okay. It can be hard to keep up with constantly evolving science regarding our foods. Here’s what you need to know […]

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Mental Health Today

When it comes to your overall health, keeping tabs on your mental health is just as important as getting plenty of sleep and exercise. Your mental health can affect every aspect of your life. If you’re struggling in this area, whether it be from anxiety, depression or self-image, just to name a few, you may […]

Breathe Easier with 9Health Fair

As a “snowbird”, Pam gets the best of both worlds – the warm, colorful summers of Colorado, and the mild, sunny winters of Arizona.  It was just a few years ago, as winter was winding down in Arizona and she made plans to migrate back to Colorado, that she noticed a shortness of breath – […]

Make Your Resolutions a Reality

Three of the top ten resolutions people made this year are directly related to health: lose weight, stay fit and healthy, and quit smoking.  At the end of this year, how can you be one of the 46%who are able to turn a New Year’s resolution into a reality?  In addition to setting realistic goals, […]

Wake up Your Brain and Learn!

Denver is a great place to get out and learn something new!  Try an activity that requires mental and social stimulation for a long-term memory boost.  Active, stimulated learning will cause dopamine, a brain chemical, to be released and will leave you feeling refreshed, alert, and engaged by your new experience. QUIZ! This two-minute quiz […]

Get a Helper’s High!

Ever wonder why you feel content and happy after volunteering or helping someone else?  You are experiencing the “helper’s high.”  Your body is flooded with dopamine, a neurotransmitter, which allows you to feel joy and delight in doing certain activities.  A nurturing hormone, oxytocin, is also released that helps cells repair themselves and gather more […]