Why You Need to Care About Your Health Finances

Want more money in your savings account? We all do. Probably the best way to save yourself a lot of that hard-earned dough is to stay healthy. Look at these staggering statistics: According to a report on Health Care Spending in 2012, per capita health spending for females was $8,315, about 23 percent more than […]

The Benefits of Our Vitamin B12 Test

If there was a test you could get that might be able to give you an early indication of your chances to develop Alzheimer’s, and it was free, would you take it? For many of us, Alzheimer’s runs in our families. It’s a real concern for our futures. Lately, there have been numerous studies around […]

8 Things to Know When Moving to Colorado

If you’ve just moved here to beautiful Colorado, welcome! There’s a reason everyone wants to move to Colorado – all around, it’s the best state! You have four seasons here, our economy is good and if you’re a lover of the great outdoors, you have a huge playground in your backyard! Now that you’re here, […]

Workplace Wellness: 3 Reasons to Start a Program Now

These days, more and more employers are considering workplace wellness programs for their employees and that’s great news for both the employees and the boss! Let’s break down three major reasons why you, too, might want to consider starting a program today. Adds Value to Your Workplace “In the past,” says Steve Dodder, 9Health Fair […]

Get Help Identifying Which Aspects of Your Health You Should Monitor

Maybe you’ve read or heard about our 9Health Fairs and think to yourself, “Well, I’m doing alright. I don’t know which screening I should get, so I probably don’t really need to go.” Or maybe you’ve heard about our fairs and thought to yourself, “Well, I’ll go and get screened for everything. Why not?” Well, […]

#BusyBeingHealthy with Aaron Matas

Hopefully by now you’re following our 9Health Fair #BusyBeingHealthy social media campaign. We’ve featured a variety of on-air talent from 9News, such as Morning Anchor Corey Rose and Meteorologist Belen DeLeon as they’ve shared their strategies for staying #BusyBeingHealthy. This week, we caught up with 9News Sports Reporter Aaron Matas. 9Health Fair: You always participate […]

Should You Check Your Testosterone Levels?

Did you know that both men and woman have testosterone? It’s true. Most people think of men when they think of testosterone, but both genders have the hormone. And when those levels get low, each gender may experience a variety of side effects. So, who may need this new screening which is offered at all […]

#BusyBeingHealthy with TaRhonda Thomas

Hopefully by now you’re following our 9Health Fair #BusyBeingHealthy social media campaign. So far, we have featured 9News Morning Show Anchor Corey Rose and 9News Meteorologist Marty Coniglio and their strategies for staying #BusyBeingHealthy. This week, we chatted with 9News Anchor/Reporter TaRhonda Thomas to learn how she’s #BusyBeingHealthy. 9Health Fair: You always participate in 9Health Fair. Why […]

#BusyBeingHealthy with Marty Coniglio

Hopefully by now you’re following our 9Health Fair#BusyBeingHealthy social media campaign. Last week, we featured 9News Morning Anchor Corey Rose and her strategies for staying #BusyBeingHealthy. This week, we chatted with 9News Meteorologist Marty Coniglio to learn how he’s#BusyBeingHealthy. 9Health Fair: We know you like to pack nutritious food each night. What kind of food do you […]

#BusyBeingHealthy with Corey Rose

We hear it all the time: “I’d workout, but I just don’t have the time.” “I’m too busy getting my kids off to school to prep my own meals.” “Between work and family obligations something has to give, and that’s just going to have to be sleep.” “I’m so stressed out right now, but there’s […]