9Health Fair is #BusyBeingHealthy

Have you ever wondered how 9News anchors and reporters like Corey Rose, TaRhonda Thomas, Marty Coniglio and the rest of the team stay so healthy? You know their schedules must be crazy since they’re on the air before many of us even get out of bed. How do they do it? Well, you’re about to […]

How 9Health Fair does Workplace Wellness

Naturally, we at 9Health Fair think health in the workplace should be a top priority for businesses. So of course we get really excited when other organizations think so too. Which is why we want to give a very big shout out to HealthLinks Colorado. Workplace Wellness Health Links is a nonprofit initiative run by […]

Report on 9Health Fair Numbers

You probably know that tens of thousands of people attend a 9Health Fair each year. But did you know, that beyond that number, there are other numbers that can teach us about the health status of our community? With this information, you can better understand the health issues you need to watch out for – […]

Diabetes Screenings: Which One is Right for You?

Nearly 10 percent of the American population has been diagnosed with diabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They also report that there are over eight million people with diabetes undiagnosed. The Colorado Health Department estimates that in our state, more than one-third of adults and half of all adults age 65 […]

Children’s Screenings at 9Health Fair

Attend a 9Health Fair this fall and you and your children can take advantage of affordable screenings to make sure the entire family is healthy. Why Attend a 9Health Fair? Get Checked Out Together Beth Brady, Medical and Wellness Advisor for 9Health Fair, says there’s nothing, in particular, you need to do to prepare your kids […]

A Family Checkup that will Save You Time and Money

How would you like to have your entire family get a health checkup all together? With 9Health Fair, you can do just that. Making Healthcare a Family Affair Our 2016 spring 9Health Fair season is just around the corner. Find a fair near you, register and put it on the family calendar. “New this year […]

Introducing 9Health Ready

We are excited to announce a new program specifically designed to help all of you “Own Your Health.” This new program comes with a new website, 9Health Ready, where you’ll have access to expert medical professionals who can answer your questions and help you on your journey to better health. You’ll also have all the […]