Make Filing Your Taxes More Meaningful with 9Health Fair

If you’re one of those people who procrastinate about filing their taxes (and let’s face it, there are a lot of us!), you might like to learn of a unique and charitable way to make filing your tax returns more palatable! Checkoff Colorado is a simple way to help nonprofits around the state, including 9Health Fair. It’s done by checking off a donation box on your tax-return – look for 9Health Fair on Line 9 of your return.

Benefits of Giving

A little can go a long way! Whether you are getting a refund or have a tax liability, it’s a perfect time to remember 9Health Fair with a contribution toward making Colorado a great place to live and work. Your generous donation will help us continue to provide vital health screenings for many who cannot afford them. Additionally, your contribution supports community engagement efforts, as each of our 9Health Fair locations are run entirely by teams of local volunteers!

An Undeniable Success

Last year, the Checkoff Colorado program raised more than $1.5 million for 19 Colorado nonprofits! However, only a small percentage of Coloradans know they have this option as a taxpayer. Spread the word – tell your friends, family and colleagues about this easy way to make a difference in our state.

In a survey commissioned by Checkoff Colorado, participants said one of the most important factors in their charitable decisions is knowing that they are giving to credible organizations.

“Taxpayers can be sure that each fund goes through a vigorous review process by the Colorado State Legislature, “said Jon Pushkin, Checkoff Colorado spokesman.  “To become a part of the Checkoff program, each organization must demonstrate that it provides an important service to communities around the state.”

Turn tax season into something more meaningful – look for 9Health Fair on Line 9!