Children’s Screenings at 9Health Fair

children's health screeningsAttend a 9Health Fair this fall and you and your children can take advantage of affordable screenings to make sure the entire family is healthy.

Why Attend a 9Health Fair?

Get Checked Out Together
Beth Brady, Medical and Wellness Advisor for 9Health Fair, says there’s nothing, in particular, you need to do to prepare your kids to attend. Additionally, there is no reason not to get checked out yourself while you’re there since screenings for adults and children of the same variety are done side-by-side. It’s not often that kids see their parents getting health screenings because many times parents prioritize everyone else’s health in the family in front of their own. When they do get a chance to go see a health professional, the kiddos are usually in school. By getting checked out together, you can set a good example for your children and show them the importance of owning your health, no matter your age.

Which Children’s Screenings are Offered
According to Brady, “Basic screenings include blood pressure and height/weight/body mass index.” She also says you can also ask a medical question or get a referral, and some fairs are offering a few optional screenings such as oral health and vision.

Most Common Children’s Issue Found at Screenings
“Unfortunately, obesity is a common health issue,” says Brady. “Also, poor oral health such as cavities and inflamed gums.” This is why it is so important to get your kids in for screenings. The sooner you catch a health problem, the sooner you can correct or treat it. Often times if you wait to find out, not only does the issue get worse and harder to treat, but it also can become much more expensive.

Other Things to Keep in Mind
While we do offer affordable blood screenings for adults, we do not offer blood screenings for anyone under the age of 18. Also, make sure you check our website to see which fairs are offering the children’s screenings. Each fair has its own variety of offerings, so if you’re looking for a specific test make sure you search our fairs by that test.

Bringing your kids to a health fair is a great way to show them how important healthcare is and a great opportunity for you to model healthy behavior.