Colorado asks: What do you want to know about Health?

9Health and Colorado’s Office of eHealth Innovation want to hear from you!

9Health and Colorado’s Office of eHealth Innovation invite you to take the survey to share what kinds of health and wellness tools are most important to you.

Take the Survey

After gathering input from hundreds of stakeholders across Colorado, you get to weigh in on

what’s most important to you. What information and tools do you need to be more knowledgeable, proactive and engaged in your health and well-being?

By completing this short survey, you can help prioritize the reasons people seek information and help to determine which areas the State will address first.

This survey is being conducted as part of one of the Colorado Health IT Roadmap’s high-priority initiatives – Promote and Enable Consumer Engagement, Empowerment, and Health Literacy. The Health IT Roadmap was published in 2017 to help inform and prioritize the State’s Health IT strategy.