Commerce City: Improving Health in Their Community

commercecityFor 9 years now, Commerce City has been serving its community by hosting a 9Health Fair each fall. This past year alone, they served 668 people, 180 of which were Spanish speakers. “Based on our exit surveys,” says Michelle Halstead, Interim Director of External Affairs and 9Health Fair Site Leader, “78% of participants are visiting the fair for the first time and 43% have never visited a doctor or only visit when needed. 92 percent of attendees had a very informative fair experience.” She also adds that 67% of attendees feel that the screenings offered at 9Health Fair are of the most benefit.

Community Impact

“The city historically allocated up to $9,000 annually to produce the 9Health Fair,” says Halstead. She says the city council has a goal of nurturing a quality community and improving resident health. Supporting 9Health Fair is one way the city can achieve this goal. They measure success against the following:

  1. To serve as a health resource and entryway to healthcare services
  2. To partner with local and regional organizations to promote health and wellness activities.
  3. To encourage targeted and timely marketing and promotional items to encourage fair participation.

Commerce City has been supporting 9Health Fair for almost a decade now, and a lot has changed in that time, notes Halstead. “I think the biggest thing is shifting from a two-day event to a one-day event in2014, as well as location – the first three years were at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park before moving to Adams City High School. I think the team has continuously refined the approach using good data to improve the user experience for participants.” One example she gives for this is the creation of bilingual and color-coded site maps to help guide participants through the fair. They’ve also dedicated a lot of resources to those who are not native English speakers and the older adult population.

Community Partners Key to Success

It’s not only Commerce City that sees the value in hosting a 9Health Fair. They receive a great deal of support from community partners when organizing their fair. “Our primary partner is the Adams 14 School District, who generously donates the space and facilities staff for the event,” says Halstead. “We also have a great (and consistent) site leadership team that volunteer countless hours to improve process and user experience, secure volunteers and medical screeners, and solicit more than 24 health/social service resources annually. We also partner with the high school’s junior ROTC group and the Stout Street Foundation to assist with event set up and tear down.”

Over 250 people volunteer at this 9Health Fair event every year. Commerce City is very much looking forward to its 10th year in 2017.

9Health Fair would like to thank the city and all those involved for putting together such a tremendous health fair year after and helping us to achieve our mission – including Suncor. Suncor has been a financial supporter of the event for over 4 years.