Create Healthier Work Environments with FruitRevival

(This guest post is authored by Sara Crocker of FruitRevival)

Although Colorado continues to be one of the leanest states in the nation, our waistlines are eroding – and our workplaces have something to do with it.  Does sitting all day, hitting the vending machine for a sweet treat, or getting stressed about a presentation with a big client sound familiar?

So how do employers shift to a healthier work environment?

For most it is about starting small: creating a smoke-free campus, encouraging walking meetings, offering healthy choices at the office and at catered events, and providing adjustable desks to allow workers to stand or sit.

Wellness matters to employers because a healthy workforce is more engaged and will save an employer money in the long run.  Employees who eat healthy are 25 percent more likely to have higher job performance, and absenteeism is 27 percent lower for workers who eat healthy and exercise regularly, according to a study by the Health Enhancement Research Organization.
FruitRevival is a local Denver company that was created specifically to assist Denver workplaces in becoming healthier.  By delivering hand-selected fresh seasonal fruit to Denver metro offices on a customized recurring schedule, FruitRevival makes it easy for employees to make a good snack choice during the work day.  And that choice, over time, matters a lot!   
Eating well at work is good for the employee and the employer.  FruitRevival’s turnkey service to Denver metro workplaces makes it easy and affordable to create a healthier work environment.  Think traditional coffee service, but much better!
“Our mission is to help make Denver workplaces healthier and more productive,” says Melissa Edison, FruitRevival co-owner.  “Our primary service is fresh fruit delivery to offices on a recurring basis. We can provide fresh, healthy snacks for special events, we have a take-home program for employees, and we offer a range of beautiful, healthy gift box options. The bottom line is, we aim to make eating healthy in the workplace affordable, convenient, and delicious!”

Learn more about FruitRevival’s services at  or call them at 303-399-3039.