Diabetes and Colorado: How Can We Make A Change?

Diabetes is a health condition in which the body is no longer able to manage blood sugar levels in the bloodstream because the body is unable to make enough or use insulin properly. In time, this can cause serious health complications such as stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, vision loss, and even death.

Colorado By the Numbers

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are approximately 30 million Americans living with diabetes in the United States. Of those, about 7 million people do not know they have the disease. Also, 84 million Americans have pre-diabetes, a condition in which blood sugar levels are high but not enough to be diagnosed with diabetes.

Currently, 401,000 Coloradans live with diabetes, of these, approximately 118,000 do not know they have the disease.  About 1.3 million Coloradans have prediabetes and 19,000 Coloradans are diagnosed with diabetes per year.

Unfortunately, it costs about $3.6 million per year to manage diabetes in Colorado! That is two and a half times higher than those without diabetes!

How is 9Health making a difference?

With the help of dedicated volunteers, 34,000 people attended a spring 9Health Fair in their community and received free and low-cost screenings, health education, and community referrals. 9Health provided low-cost hemoglobin A1C diabetes screenings to 10,682 people. This evaluates the average blood sugar levels over the last 2-3 months to screen for diabetes and pre-diabetes. About 3,700 or 35% of those screened are pre-diabetic.

Fortunately, this condition is preventable and reversible! 9Health is committing to provide year-round health prevention education to our participants and Coloradans.

Ways to prevent diabetes and reverse pre-diabetes:

9Health will have several health fairs this fall, check the website in August to find one near you.

9Health is a 501c-3 community non-profit empowering people to put health in their own hands by providing tools such as preventive health screenings, evidence-based, objective health education and eTools and resources for every day in your health journey.