Do You Know Where to Go for Care?

Guest blog courtesy of the Where for Care campaign

When you or your family member has an unexpected health need – whether it’s an emergency or a small pain – do you know where you should go for care? There are more options now than before – especially around the Denver metro area – with primary care, retail clinics, urgent cares, emergency departments and more. But where you go for medical care can affect how much you pay, how long you wait and the type of treatment you receive. It’s more important than ever to make a plan now before you’re dealing with that unexpected health issue so you can make the decision that is best for you, your health and your wallet.

You can learn much more at As a first step, you should call your insurer to better understand how your insurance plan works. Ask about your out-of-pocket responsibilities and what the nearest locations in your network are for emergency care, urgent care and primary care.

Consumers are also encouraged to download the Where for Care Family Plan. This document, based on the concept of families planning for what to do in the case of a fire, asks families to think about what to do when an unexpected health need arises before that ever happens. It has space to fill in the locations recommended by your insurer for primary care or pediatricians, urgent care and emergency care, as well as space for important family health information, like allergies or current medications. Filling out this document and putting in a place for reference when it’s needed is an easy way to be proactive about making the right decisions for your care.

The Where for Care campaign, led by the Colorado Hospital Association and hospitals from around the state, was created to curb consumer confusion surrounding the various levels for treatment and their associated costs. The campaign aims to be a valuable resource for consumers, and this partnership among hospitals and community partners better informs people before they become patients.

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