Experience Joyous Relaxation with Yoga

Stress wreaks havoc on the body.   Cortisol and adrenalin are the hormones responsible for preparing your body for fight or flight.   If left unchecked, Mayo Clinic reports that these hormones will cause anxiety, depression, impaired memory and concentration, and elevated heart rate and blood pressure.  The human body cannot remain on constant alert for long periods of time without unhealthy consequences.  Improving your body’s resilience to everyday stressors through yoga can even prevent or reverse symptoms of heart disease, according to the American Heart Association
How exactly does yoga work on the body?  The age old practice of yoga is an intertwined trilogy of movement, breathing, and meditation.  Long, smooth breathing while moving through various yoga poses will allow the nervous system an opportunity to activate the body’s relaxation response.  Your breath, heart rate, and blood pressure all decrease, as does mental activity associated with the stress response.  Remember that feeling you get when you exhale after a big yawn?  The hairs on your arms and legs stand up and your body feels nothing but joyous relaxation?  That is the nervous system at work.  When the mind is at rest, it helps to condition the body and conditioning the body helps to relax the mind.  Each aspect of yoga has complementary benefits to the body and helps keep you focused, relaxed, and enjoying each day more fully.
Whether you have never tried yoga before or are an experienced yogi, come visit the 9Health Fair’s first Yoga Open, a Healthy Active Lifestyle Celebration at the Convention Center on May 4 from 7:00am-12:00pm.  This event will combine the fun and healthy activity of a yoga festival with proactive and scientific health screenings to help you perform at your peak level in yoga and in life.  All classes and workshops are free of charge but you must register to reserve your space. All participants must register. If you plan to purchase 9Health Fair screenings, you may register online and bring your form with you to the event. If you do not plan to purchase 9Health Fair screenings, please allow time to fill out a registration form on-site.
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