Feeling Anxious? How Unplugging from it All Can Help

You know how there’s a day for everything? A National Drink Wine Day, National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day, National Banana Cream Pie, National Cold Cuts Day (we really love our national food days don’t we?) … Well, there’s one national day around the corner, that may not be as popular as some others, but arguably may be one of the more important ones. It’s National Day of Unplugging and occurs the first Friday of every March.

Benefits of Unplugging

While it might be a little difficult to fully unplug on this day since most of us will be at work and most of our jobs rely heavily on technology, taking the extra effort to unplug where possible can be very beneficial to your health. Here are three reasons to take a break from technology before and after your work day:

  1. Recover from work anxiety – According to this Forbes article, your brain needs time to recharge before you head back to work the next day. These days, many of us continue to work or communicate with coworkers long after we leave the office. This increases your stress levels, not giving you the time you need to relax.
  2. Being more present will allow you to reconnect with others – when you’re constantly on your phone, tablet or even staring at the TV, you can’t fully be present for those around you. If you’re feeling a little distant from your spouse or children, putting the technology away allows you to fully focus on the conversation and activities at hand allowing you to truly connect with others (Disconnect to Reconnect).
  3. Allow yourself to focus on you – Our bodies weren’t meant to be slumped in chairs arms folded towards our face and neck bent down for long periods of time. Put the phone down and focus on you (9 Reasons You Need to Unplug). Use this time to focus on you and your needs, such as when is the last time you had a glass of water? Or got some fresh air? Or fit in a workout? What do you need for you?

4 Places to Unplug

Unplugging from it all doesn’t mean that you must just sit there and stare at the walls (although you might want to consider meditation). Here are four events where you can leave your phone turned off and at home and simply be and enjoy your surroundings:

Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys

Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys

This museum hosts its Community Day, a free day, on the first Sunday of each month. Afterward, if weather permits, take a stroll around City Park and enjoy the fresh air.

Tiny Tots Orchestra

How often do you fully watch your child when they are experiencing something new? As tempting as it might be to pull out the phone to get video of your child surrounded by an orchestra and learning about music, don’t. Immerse yourself in their pleasure as they learn about music at this fun event.

Double Exposure: An Exhibition of Photography and Video

This exhibit features 13 artists working in photography and video. You’ll see subject matter ranging from documentary to conceptual styles. It explores how the two forms of media, photography and video, can help an artist develop their practice and influence their work.

Denver Botanic Gardens

The next free days at Denver Botanic Gardens is on February 20th for the York Street location and March 7th at the Chatfield Farms location. Again, leave your phone behind and allow yourself to fully immerse in the beautiful nature that surrounds you.

Hopefully this National Day of Unplugging will encourage you to unplug more often.