Finding Your Work-Life Balance This Fall

This is a guest blog by our sponsor Ieso.

With school back in session and work as busy as ever, fall months can be the most difficult when trying to find a good work-life balance. It’s Mental Illness Awareness Week and we’re using this time to help break the stigma associated with mental health conditions. Be sure to take time for self-care and get the help you need when necessary.

With your job, family, and everything in between, it can be hard to find time to enjoy yourself while also staying on top of everything. At Ieso Digital Health we want you to be able to find that perfect work-life balance in your day to day life, so here are 5 tips to help you this fall:

  1. Plan and prepare

A great way to get ahead is preparing for the upcoming week. It can free up your days a bit and alleviate any anxiety you may have about work or home life. One way to do this is when you have a day off meal prep for the coming week. It saves you the time of having to make dinner or pick up food each night and you can prep with your family to serve as a bonding experience. A busy fall shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice time with the ones you love.

  1. Don’t bring work home with you

When you clock out for the day, truly clock out. Being present with family and friends is a great way to recharge. This is important, so you can feel refreshed and enjoy the cooler weather (and occasional football game) as best as you can. Being in the moment when you are home, physically and mentally, helps to cultivate a stress-free environment and creates a space away from the worries of work.

  1. Set an agenda for the week

A to-do list for work and life can be helpful in staying organized during a busy time of year. Noting what you have to do during the day and week can help you be more efficient in managing your time. It also allows you to be prepared for what is coming up. However, it is important that you keep what you have to do for work and at home separate, so they don’t distract from each other and become overwhelming.

“Set reasonable expectations for yourself with your list. Bigger tasks should be broken down into smaller more manageable tasks. The only thing less helpful than a to-do list is one that has insurmountable tasks which will result in frustration,” adds Dr. Jennifer Gentile, senior vice president of clinical operations at Ieso Health.

  1. Reap the fall harvest

While people associate fall with pumpkin, football games and fall festivals – the real treat here is the harvest. Fall is the perfect time to go out and explore your areas regional fruits and veggies. Whether that’s spending a day in a local fruit orchard or pumpkin patch or even dining at a local eatery enjoying local favorites, make a day of it with family and friends. You don’t need to get on a plane and go someplace far away to enjoy you the fall season. Sometimes the best things are right in front of you!

  1. Set Boundaries

Work can often find its way into our lives, one way or another. If this is happening to you, you may want to evaluate the boundaries set between your job and family. Sometimes a conflict between work and home is inevitable, but if you are finding this to be happening more often than not, you need to ask yourself if you are sticking to the boundaries you have set. Some things you can do to keep those boundaries are to stay off your phone or email while at home, avoid complaining about work frequently, and don’t let work dictate the topics of conversations you have with friends and family.

We get it, finding a work-life balance that truly works for is often trial and error, but it’s vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When stress and anxiety creep in, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Check out if you’re eligible for Ieso online therapy, or find a local resource in your area.