Fine-Tune Your Health with Blood Chemistry Screening

(This guest post is authored by Dr. John Torres of 9News)

Part of staying healthy is making sure problems are found before they start affecting you.  That means getting regular checkups that look at your overall health.  It also means getting blood tests to detect things early on before they start causing bigger issues.  9Health Fair offers a blood test known as the Blood Chemistry Screening that will give you a good picture of your overall health.  This simple blood test looks at a variety of substances in your blood and can tell your doctor information ranging from your cholesterol levels to how well you are managing your sugars and how well some of your organs are functioning. 

Even though you might not notice it, a high glucose level can be an early indicator of diabetes or a condition known as metabolic syndrome.  The Blood Chemistry Screening will look for that.  It also looks at your electrolytes, the basic minerals in your body, like your potassium and sodium, which essentially keep every cell in your body functioning normally.  The Blood Chemistry Screening also looks at how well your kidneys and liver are working.  Both of these organs might have issues that you wouldn’t notice until they’ve caused other health problems.  The test also looks at your thyroid level, which can affect every part of your body.  One of the bigger issues with the thyroid is that it might be causing overall issues, like fatigue or weight gain, that can sneak up on you and you might not even realize it.  Once detected, this can be managed to bring the thyroid under better control.  Additionally, this test also checks your cholesterol level.  This is another thing you won’t simply notice because it doesn’t have any symptoms you can feel until you start having issues with heart disease or stroke.   
The Blood Chemistry Screening is easy to get, low-cost ($35) and can provide you and your doctor with a large amount of information that can help you both fine tune your health.  Get this screening at any Family 9Health Fair this fall!